Be The Media

This is an open publishing site, collectively maintained and provided to give you a voice. Clicking on the links here will take you to the correct page for the type of content you want to publish. Please respect our editorial guidelines.


Click the link above to access the open publishing newswire. Your article will appear on the front page of the website immediately. Remember - who, what, where, when, how/why? Photographs will be resized automatically. If the editorial collective think your story is particularly valuable it may be promoted to be displayed more prominently. If it breaches our editorial guidelines it may be hidden. Decisions taken by the moderators are logged to a publicly accessible mailing list, to which any queries about moderation should be addressed.


The same editorial guidelines apply to videos as to the newswire. We don't require you to edit your video to a professional standard, especially if it's breaking news, but please don't post long films with just a few moments of interest in the middle - just give us the good stuff and a bit of context. Do not repost video from other sources - use the post a link to another media source form instead. We accept most common video formats and automatically transcode into flash video and ogg theora, so you don't need to upload the same material in multiple formats. Clips from featured videos are displayed on the front page - original reportage and dispatches will be given priority.


You can publish any event that you think fits with our editorial guidelines and mission statement. We're especially keen to publicise forthcoming demonstrations, direct action campaigns, DIY culture and creative movements. You can also upload a poster/flier for your event that might be displayed on our front page. You can even use our point & click map interface to show people exactly where to go. Events that appear to be profit-motivated will be deleted, so if there is an attendance charge for your event you should explain why.

Printed Media

Printed Media in this section are DIY publications that are made for Love not money. We hope to build up an online Printed Media library and keep printed media in the public domain which might otherwise be lost. At present, we can only accept printed media in PDF format but this will hopefully change soon as we develop better ways to store, convert and distro them. If you'd like to get involved with this new project, please drop us a line.

Other Media

If you see something elsewhere on the net in either the mainstream or alternative media and you think is worth sharing and will be of interest to our users, please post it here. Use the 'summary' field to describe what you're linking to and why.