Editorial Guidelines

Editorial Guidelines

As an open publishing network the Nottingham Independent Media Centre (IMC) website operates a number of basic media structures: feature stories, the open newswire and the events wire. This page explains how the different sections on the site work, and the guidelines for content and submission.

Feature stories

Are found in the centre column of the website. Anyone can propose a new feature for the main column in the form of an idea or a completed feature. Features should reflect postings to the newswire and should link to at least one newswire item. Completed features should have a short abstract that is seen on the front page with a main story below. There is a 12-hour period before publication during which collaborative improvements and considerations can be suggested. Stories and issues of local interest are the focus of features, although regional and global stories are published as well. Everyone is welcome to get involved with the collective. Email your feature proposals to imc-nottingham[at]lists[dot]indymedia[dot]org.

Open Newswire

The open publishing newswire appears to the right of the features, and works as the basic means through which anyone can contribute news and without prior editorial approval, provided it is within the editorial guidelines. Text, photo, audio, video, and several other types of files are publishable on the newswire. The online newswire is designed to empower individuals to become independent journalists by providing a direct, unmoderated forum for presenting any media, to the public via the Internet.

The newswire is a democratic forum designed to make available important stories, news, and opinions with local relevance. The Nottingham IMC Collective is dedicated to maintaining the newswire as an open forum. However, the editorial collective regularly watches the newswire, intervening on rare occasions to maintain its usefulness as a media resource and as a welcoming community space.


Everyone is free to post their own comments at the end of each article to state an opinion and add or correct information. Comments are subjected to the guidelines as the content posted on the newswire.


Events are publicised in the right-hand column of the site. To publicise an upcoming event click 'publish' and then select 'event'. Events are subject to the same guidelines as the newswire - please do not publicise profit-making events.

The Guidelines

Published material that abuses the editorial policy is liable to be hidden. Published content may also be grouped together if their subject matter is related. Hidden content is not visible on the front newswire archives, and is not included in the website search function. The decision to hide is made by individual Nottingham IMC Collective members who are empowered to implement the editorial policy.

We encourage people to publish:

  • Well-researched, timely articles
  • Investigative reports exposing injustice
  • Coverage of issues related to Nottingham and the surrounding area
  • Stories on events affecting underrepresented groups
  • Media produced from within underrepresented groups
  • Stories on issues ignored by the mainstream media
  • Stories on people or projects working towards social and economic justice.
  • Eyewitness accounts of progressive actions and demonstrations
  • Media analysis

We reserve the right to hide newswire posts and/ or comments that:

1. Use language, imagery or other forms of communication that promote bigotry and/or hatred based upon gender, ethnicity, race, sexual orientation, religion, class, age, physical or developmental ability, national origin or species.

2. Are obviously false or misleading in terms of author, location, time, or actors. This includes attempts to spread disinformation or impersonate another individual.

3. Advertise commercial services, products or events.

4. Promote party politics or push agendas for hierarchically structured organisations including the police, local authorities and organs of the state. Nottingham Indymedia is designed to be a news resource, not a notice board for political parties. The IMC Collective encourages people and groups to organise horizontally and make decisions via consensus.

5. Articles and/or comments that contain abusive language against other activists or site users. Please make your point without resorting to personal abuse. This includes flame baits made with the intention of provoking argument and/or limiting constructive dialogue.

6. Contain content that has no relevance to the East Midlands area.

7. Are repetitive or duplicates.

8. Appear in an unreadable format.

9. Are not reports of news events.

10. Reposts of content that is available elsewhere on the internet – please select ‘Other media’ to publish a link to the source.

11. Are otherwise inconsistent with the general mission of this website, which is to use media production and distribution as tools for promoting social and economic justice in the Nottingham area.

Published content that is included in any of the above categories may be hidden at the discretion of the Nottinghamshire IMC Collective. The hiding of articles, however, does not indicate that unhidden articles are endorsed by the collective.

The newswire is a tool intended to facilitate grassroots media dissemination, and the Nottingham IMC Collective will actively strive to work as a community-based participatory media network.

If you have any queries about moderation you can contact imc-notts-moderation[at]lists[dot]indymedia[dot]org.