NCCLOLs: New information about Nottingham's housing scandal

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As has been reported elsewhere on this site, Council Leader, Jon Collins, and Berridge Councillor Toby Neale, were both very quick to say that the NCH housing scandal affair is all done and dusted, nothing to see here, etc. at a recent consultation meeting. However, new information obtained by what Neale referred to in disgust as "a certain website" (NCCLOLs) paints a rather different picture.

Minutes of various meetings between Notts Police and the Council suggest that the police were very keen to investigate the affair in 2006. However, at some point this attitude seems to have changed leaving NCC's own legal briefs to investigate the matter. This is a decision that Andy assumes was taken in meetings in 2010, after Jon Collins became Chairman of the Police Authority.

He is still battling to get minutes of those meetings released, something NCC are spending loads of our money trying to suppress.

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