Nttm Police: Police warn power station protesters - you will be

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They Say:

Nottinghamshire Police have today warned a group of protesters who have entered the West Burton Power Station that they face arrest.

It is believed more than 20 people made their way into the power station in the early hours of the morning, and around a dozen have climbed two chimneys at the site.

Five of the protesters – all women from either Manchester or Leeds – were arrested as the group made their way into the site at around 1.20am this morning and are being questioned at a Nottingham Police Station.

Police officers, supported by police dogs and a police helicopter, are monitoring the protest at the scene, and negotiations have begun to encourage the protesters to end the demonstration.

The policing operation is being commanded by Assistant Chief Constable Paul Broadbent.

He said: “People have the right to protest, but not when it prevents, or restricts the rights of, others from going about their lawful business.

“There are 101 ways to protest lawfully. Breaking into someone else’s property is not one of them.

“Those involved in planning and participating in this illegal action can expect to be arrested”.

He said the Force was in regular contact with EDF and would take every step to bring the protest to a peaceful conclusion as swiftly as possible without compromising anyone’s safety.  

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