NSAFC: Root Causes & Call to Action – UK Riots

Tagged as: anti-racism cuts repression

We have been horrified by the widespread condemnation and demonisation in recent days of those involved in riots throughout the UK. Such condemnation ignores and so reinforces the deep-seated and worsening socio-political context from which these actions arise. This context includes: the deliberate and systematic creation of inequality and unemployment (above 20% in the case of young people); the disenfranchisement and disempowerment of wide sections of society; the greed and immorality of those with wealth and power; an abhorrent programme of cuts aimed at deepening inequality and eradicating the social contract; and rampant police racism, oppression and brutality. We recognise the necessity of placing any blame for recent events at the door of those who create and maintain these conditions and a collective responsibility to act to bring about their end.

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