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April 20, 2012 14:00


This event has been put together really fast as people wanted to celebrate this day here in the midlands . This Event is being held at the band stand and surrounding areas  ON THE ARBORETUTM PARK NOTTINGHAM . wAVELY STREET NOTTINGHAM . 


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LAON's November Review ofUK Opencast Mine Sites

LAON's 7th Review has information that a decision about the George Farm site is to be made on Monday 3/12. In addition public consultation has started at two new sites, a 10m tonne site Cauldhall in Scotland and a 1.18m tonne site at Deanfield in Yorkshire. In addition the revew has information about an existing site, Blair House in Scotland which has just been left 'mothballed' as Scottish Coal f…

Evidence to Parliamentary Committee Accepted

A submission to a House of Commons Select Committee arguing for a toughening up of rules governing the siting of future opencast mines has been accepted as written evidence. The submission was made by the Loose Anti Opencast  Network  to the Communities and Local Government's Housing, Planning and Growth InquiryA press release below summarises some of the main points as well as providing a link to…

Is so much opencast coal now needed?

Coal operators have 4.75m tonnes of surface mineable coal in their sights in Engl;and, often lying within 500m of where people live. Planning rules for them to get this coal have been relaxed. At the same time, many Power Generating companies are or plan to convert power stations to run on biomass. If this does not make sense to you then read our press release to find out more information

BBC Investigates New Threat to the Counrtyside

The 8th LAON Press release explains why the BBC's Counrtyfile Programme is investigation a Planning Decision which has national implications if it is not altered. The press release gives details of the campains that have been launched to both overturn the decision by means of a judicial review and how to sign a petition to prevent similar applications from succeeding. This decision, if upheld, mea…

New Planning Risk to the English Countryside

The 7th Press Release from the Loose Anti Opencast Network explains why a Planning Inspectors decision on an Opencast Site Planning Application in a remote part of England has implications for all mineral planning applications across the country and not just those 5 pending for opencast coal.

New Health Risks Associated with Opencast Mining

The June Review of Developments affecting Opencast Mining from the Loose Anti Opencast Network provides new evidence that Surface Mine workers in the USA contract 'Black Lung' disease. Secondly it reviews recent developments in Carbon Capture and Storage in the UK and lastly updates what the situation is on prospective and actual opencast sites in England.

Come and 'Say No' to Minorca Application

Leicestershire County Council has announced that a decision on whether UK Coal's application for an opencast mine on the Minorca site can go ahead will be made on Thursday 23rd June. The Minorca Opencast Protest Group in, PR 104, gives more information on this and what MOPG is planning to do to prevent this application from succeeding.

It's Official - UK Coal PLC's debts now £242m

The Minorca Opencast Protest Group, in it's latest press release, again makes clear the need for a Banker's Guarantee to cover the proposed community benefits in case Leicestershire County Council grant planning permission for an opencast mine on the Minorca site in Leicestershire. This is because the company concerned has slipped even further into debt.

Help Stop an Opencast Mine Application on Tuesday

Durham County Council are due to decide on UK Coal plc's Bradley Opencast Mine Application on Tuesday 15/2/11. Read how to join those who are planning to demonstrate against DCC approving the Application.

500m Buffer Zone Bill Vote on Friday

The 2nd reading of the 500m Buffer Zone Bill takes place this Friday. This press release gives information about reasons why this is an important Bill, provides information about a new MOPG Briefing Note (B6) that explains the Bill and provides info about how to get involved

National Campaign for a 500m Buffer Zone?

How, in three to five easy steps you can help to turn the issue of introducing a 500m Buffer Zone around future Opencast Coal Sites in England  into a National Campaign and bring English law into line with policies already operating in Wales and Scotland

Close to a potential opencast coal site?

A by product of the work done to suggest that 553m metric tonnes of Carbon Dioxide from escaping into the atmosphere is the revelation that most of this coal lies so close to where people live. read more here.

Climate change and the 500m Buffer Zone Bill

This press release accompanies the publication of MOPG's 5th Briefing Note in support of the 500m Buffer Zone Bill and explains why those concerned about Climate Change should support the Bill.

Wales and Scotland have it - We in England Do Not

MOPG's latest  Press Release emphasises a different aspect of the argument as to why Communities in England should benefit from a 500m Buffer Zone Law. It shows how many areas of England could be prone to opencast mining because local communities, unlike those in Scotland and Wales do not benefit from having a 500m Buffer Zone policy in operation.

There are 43 potential New English Opencast Sites

A group in Leicestershire has produced evidence about the current and possible future locations for opencast coal mining.in England. In all it identifies 23 Current sites and 43 potential sites.The evidence is in the form of a two part review and it has been produced to support the arguments for the 500 Metre Buffer Zone Bill which gets its 2nd Reading in the House of Commons on 11/2/11.

MOPG's 6th Objection Published

The Minorca Opencast Protest Group has just published its 6th set of objections to UK Coal's latest plans to opencast the Minorca site near Measham in Leicestershire. These objections centre on the risk that working the site will threaten the River Mease Special Area of Conservation

English Opencast Applications: A Review

This article summarises known information about Opencast / Surface Mining Applicationsin England over the period 2009 / 10 by indication where Applications have been successful, where they have been rejected, where applications are currently 'live' and lastly where applications are likely to be made.

UK Coal's Fragile Financial State Questioned

MOPG's latest press release, PR 86 'Safeguarding the Community Benefits of the proposed Minorca Surface Mine' explaines why MOPG are asking all those local bodies with an interest in the Minorca Surface Mine Application, whether for the application (Ashby Canal Trust, Ashby Canal Association and Measham and Ashby Canal Trust Enthusiasts) or against the application (Measham, Swepstone and Snareston…

More Bad News for UK Coal producers

This provides a link to an article which reviews the increasing use of Biomass in UK Electricity Production

New info on MOPG and UK Coal

Our latest Press Release contains more good news for the Minorca Opencast Protest Group (MOPG)and more bad news for UK Coal plc as the fight to stop a new opencast application continues is now published as Pr 85 'Campaigners resistance to opencast mine proposals hears encouraging news from MP'. It also contains the results of MOPG's  2010 AGM.

All English Anti Opencast Groups Get a Boost

A recent decision not to approve a new opencast mine application gains Government endorsement after a Public Inquiry - the first victory for Anti Opencast Campaigners for at least five years. This decision has implications for all prospective English applications including the Minorca application in  Leicestershire 

BNP Councillor in Racism Probe

The BNP's Elections Officer for the East Midlands, Wayne McDermott, is being investigated by the police after posting racist material on his website. Allegedly, racist insults and the promotion of torture were posted although they have now been removed.

4th Objection to Minorca Opencast Application

This press release explains MOPG's 4th set of Objections which criticises UK Coal's assessment of the alleged economic and social benefits associated with the proposed Minorca Surface Mines and makes the claim that our campaign has extracted an extra £1m of proposed local 'benefits'. This represents the price UK is willing to pay rather than answer our objections.

Dust a problem if Minorca goes ahead

This Press Release describes why MOPG believe that visible black coal dust will affect the daily life of local people as MOPG publish its 3rd objection.

2nd Objection to Minorca Opencast Application

This press release outlines why MOPG are still mounting objections to the Minorca Application on economic grounds.

1st Minorca Opencast Objection

As the Minorca Opencast Protest Group prepares to put it's case to Leicestershire County Council on why UK Coal's Minorca Surface Mine Application should be rejected it has begun to publish it's detailed objections. This Press Release out lines the first of these. 

Less risk of new Opencast Mines?

This press release highlights the publication of our new Briefing Note which explains why the Minorca Opencast Protest Group believe that a change in Government Energy Policy makes a successful Minorca Surface Mine less likely.

Minorca? NWLDC still says NO!

MOPG's 77th Press release explains the decision made by the Planning Committee of North West Leicestershire District Council to continue to oppose UK Coal's Minorca Application.

The Minorca Application - will NWLDC reject it?

Our latest Press Release PR 76 "Protesters again face an uphill challenge to convince Councillors to reject the Minorca Application for a second time" has now been published.

This press release outlines the content of a three minute speech Steve Leary will make on behalf of MOPG to the Planning Committee of NWLDC on Tuesday 7th September.

Has UK Coal cash enough to restore canal?

Our latest press release "Will UK Coal be able to afford to restore the Ashby Canal" (PR 75) and our revised Briefing Note on UK Coal plc's financial position (C1 UK Coal's Financial Situation and the Minorca Application, 2nd edition) also published today, points out that when a Company's Auditors qualify the Company's Accounts then this is a company in some financial trouble. UK Coal plc is in su…