Occupy Notingham Withdrawal Announcement 21.04.12

As of 9:00 pm Sunday 21 April Occupy Nottingham will end their occupation of Nottingham's Market Place after 190 days.

Occupy Nottingham Call Out

Occupy is essentially a think tank for the generation of ideas through public discourse and debate, to enable social, economical and environmental change, it is also an umbrella type group for all causes, groups and people, linking and bringing them together in common cause. All opinions and policies of Occupy are made by group consensus. The first true Peoples Democracy of Nottingham has begun at Occupy Nottingham's public assemblies in the Market Place just as past citizens traditionally met in the same location, will you join the people and add your body and voice to the assembly?

Occupy Nottingham Press Release 06/04/12

Following the hearing on 5th April Occupy Nottingham are very pleased with the result achieved so far with a three week adjournment before a three day trial begins on 30th April.

This means they will be celebrating their six month anniversary on the Market Square on 15th April.

Judge Inglis ruled that all of the Councils allegations attempting to link incidents external to the camp being associated with the protest were usubstantiated with insufficient evidence and rejected any such argument dismissing them from the case.

Nott'm Quakers Announce support for Occupy Notts

Quakers in Nottingham have made a public declaration of support for the protestors.

Occupy Nottingham Press Release

Court hearing now adjourned until 5th April

Occupy Notts Questions to the Council

These questions relating to important issues in our city, have been waiting to be presented in person to the council when, they actually meet with representatives from Occupy Nottingham for open dialogue to discuss the reason we are here... we are still waiting!

Petition against council decision to evict Occupy

We have set up an internet petition about the council's eviction of the Occupy Camp from the Market Square.

Occupy Nottingham Common Statement

This initial statement was collectively agreed by over 500 people on the steps of St Paul's on 16th October 2011. Point 8 was added by the Occupy London General Assembly on 19th November 2011. After ammending point 6, Occupy Nottingham collectively agreed to fully adopt the entire 'common statement', at the General Assembly on 25th January 2012.

Occupy Notts Statement re the council 28/02/12

Occupy Nottingham were served yesterday with notice to leave within 7 days, before eviction papers are served by the council.

There is no valid need nor reason at all for the council to evict Occupy Notingham, a deal had been mutually agreed upon provisionally by representatives of both parties, & actions were being taken to set it that in motion & to show good faith.

The deal which would be a staged withdrawal of the camp from the 'square', by first compacting the camp & replacing the barriers, then moving to an alternative camp location within the city, leaving a public discussion & info stand in residence on the square. The finer points were still being negotiated, but the essence of the deal which would ultimately have seen the camp removed from the square to an alternative location at no cost to the council & with no need to spend Nottingham's revenue on expensive court costs, had been made & would have happened with the public's consent.

Pinning of the Declaration


We the Citizens of the City of Nottingham pin our declaration to the Council House.

Occupy Nottingham remembers those who fell


Occupy Nottingham bought their poppies today from Alley Cafe and Bernados charity shop in preparation for Fridays Armistice Service.