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The Third Revolution - talk at the Sparrows' Nest

October 26, 2010 19:30

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Venue: The Sparrows' Nest, St. Ann's, Nottingham - follow link below for location if you don't know it.

Places: nottingham st_anns

The Third Revolution? Peasant and worker resistance to the Bolshevik government.

The Makhnovist movement of the Ukraine is the best known of the revolutionary oppositions to the Bolshevik regime. But it was not the only radical challenge the Bolsheviks faced from below. Numerous peasants revolts occurred in the years 1920-22, aiming not to restore the old regime but to defend themselves from the new one.

Nick Heath, author of a new pamphlet on this subject, examines their extent, causes and limitations.



Link_go The Sparrows' Nest

Anarchist cultural centre, library and archive in St. Ann's, Nottingham