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East Mids Anti-fascists: October report


It's been a month dominated by a battle between Boston bigots: Dean Everitt's anti-immigration demo vs. Elliott Fountain's hard right police commissioner bid. It's not been good for the EDL who've been hacked, stabbed in the back and caught out inciting riots and running community organisations into the ground. And meanwhile the BNP have been praising Jimmy Savile.

6th Review of Potential UK Opencast Sites Oct 2012

This the 6th Review covers developmnts in the stages reached for current and potential opencast site planning applications for the 14 known English sites the 2 known Scottish sites and the 5 known Welsh sites. In addition it provides a link to a study commissioned by the last government on what would be the effect of implementing a 'buffer zone' of various widths around potential opencast sites on…

Our glorious leader listens!


Gift to the people of Nottingham and wise leader of The Party, Councillor Jon Collins, made a flawless appearance at a People's Consultation meeting in Hyson Green tonight. The leader's statesmanlike presence at a vibrant forum of democracy was praised by local party officials and humble residents alike. The only stain on the occasion was the presence of a rabble of anti-democracy nihilists who us…

IDAAMD Leicester


During the Saturday peak shopping time between 12:30 and 15:30, activists from Leicester Animal Rights offered an alternative to McBurgerCulture to shoppers in the form of vegan sweet and savoury snacks sourced from local independent health food shop "Current Affairs" all served with a side order of information leaflets. The stall was pitched directly outside the busy Highcross/clock tower branch …

Evidence to Parliamentary Committee Accepted

A submission to a House of Commons Select Committee arguing for a toughening up of rules governing the siting of future opencast mines has been accepted as written evidence. The submission was made by the Loose Anti Opencast  Network  to the Communities and Local Government's Housing, Planning and Growth InquiryA press release below summarises some of the main points as well as providing a link to…

Anti-McDonalds protests mark day of action


The International Day of Action Against McDonalds (16th Oct) was marked by protests against the multinational fast food corporation by protests in Derby and Nottingham. During Saturday lunchtime activists in Derby picketed a city centre branch in protest at its unethical business practices. This was followed by a “mammoth” leaflet distribution on Monday in Nottingham city centre. Activists di…

IDAAMD Nottingham


Today activists from Nottingham Animal Rights undertook a mammoth leaflet distribution exercise outside the McDonald's outlet on what is known to be one of the busiest high streets in the UK.



During the Saturday lunch time rush hours from 12:00 to 14:00, a group of activists spearheaded by Derby Animal Rights demo-ed the busy St. Peters street branch of McDonald's, in protest at the unethical business practices of the fast food giant.

Introducing Elliott Fountain: candidate for PCC


Elliott Fountain, the English Democrats candidate for Lincolnshire Police & Crime Commissioner, is one of only two far right candidates standing in the East Midlands*. His political hero is Enoch Powell and he has expressed a strong dislike of East European migrants. Fountain has described his approach to crime as “zero tolerance“, which involves “throwing tenants out of houses faster”, expan…

Boston anti-immigration protest back on

Dean Everitt and his badly-named Boston Protest March fb group are planning to hold a static demonstration against immigration in a month’s time. The demonstration will take place on 18th November outside the Herbert Ingram Memorial. Although Everitt says “THIS IS NOT A RACE ISSUE AND RACISIM WONT BE TOLLERATED” it’s hard to imagine the virulently anti-East European sentiment of those who supp…

Is so much opencast coal now needed?

Coal operators have 4.75m tonnes of surface mineable coal in their sights in Engl;and, often lying within 500m of where people live. Planning rules for them to get this coal have been relaxed. At the same time, many Power Generating companies are or plan to convert power stations to run on biomass. If this does not make sense to you then read our press release to find out more information

5th Review of Opencast Sites: Oct 2012

This 5th review of news stories about prospective opencast site applications on 14 possible sites in england and 4 sites in Wales. It especially has news about recent developments at Halton Lea Gate and the Hilltop Project

Workfare walk of shame


On Saturday, a group of anti-workfare activists took to the streets of Nottingham to picket some of the corporate workfare profiteers and to highlight why workfare is such a dangerous idea. They visited Burton, Barnardo’s, Primark, Greggs and Superdrug with a banner, sound system and flyers. Campaigners say that workfare, when unemployed people are forced to work for their benefits, is an att…

Workfare walk of shame in Nottingham



Saturday 29th September 2012

People met for a Workfare walk of shame at 1.00pm at the Lions, Market Square, Nottingham


East Mids Anti-fascists: September report


It's been a month of freefall for the EDL who had two disastrous demos in Walthamstow and Walsall, 3rd in command Tony Curtis of Nottingham, leave in disgust, and their favourite coach company targeted by anti-fascists. Meanwhile a few boneheads from the NF turned up to take back a small park in Skegness from the muslamic animal abusers and generally be ignored by everyone. "East Euro" hater, Elli…

Workfare walk of shame in Nottingham

Today a group of anti-workfare activists took to the streets of Nottingham to picket some of the corporate workfare profiteers and to highlight why workfare is such a dangerous idea. We visited Burton, Barnardo's, Primark, Greggs and Superdrug before we got through all of our leaflets and decided to call it a day. On the whole, the public responded positively to our message including several who a…

Fighting back against insecurity


Often dubbed the 'insecurity' industry by its opponents, the military-industrial complex that arms the police and dictatorships, runs increasingly militarised detention centres and controls housing for migrants is a many-headed hydra. In the past few days, Nottingham has seen activists take on the beast in different ways. On the morning of the 26th, anti-militarists took to the streets of the Lent…

Back our badgers!


Over thirty campaigners protested outside a Tesco store in Nottingham today in a peaceful demo against the intended badger cull, which is scientifically flawed, unrepresentative of the public's views and morally reprehensible.

Terrorist Drones come to Lincolnshire


Walk and Demo on 13th Oct to oppose Drones base near Lincoln

G4S vehicle's sabotaged

In the early hours of this morning in South Nottingham two G4S vehicles came a cropper. We slashed their tires, stripped their paint, and snapped off their exgaust pipes. 

Wet but successful picket against gun dealers H&K

On the morning of September 26th, half a dozen activists braved the steady downpour to inform people attending the Council's "Good Health in Hard Times?" event (at Trent Vineyard) that next door was a gun dealer - Heckler & Koch.

Veggies in the woods


This weekend just passed, Nottingham based vegan catering campaign 'Veggies' was at Elvaston Country Park as part of a two day Woodland Festival event. Their ethical and delicious food, alongside a vibrant display of campaigning literature, ensured that there was a buzz around the stall throughout the weekend, with many members of the public choosing them in favour of other meat options at th…

ExLibris Charity Book Sale the best yet


ExLibris's 6th Charity Booksale in Gedling sold more books and raised more money than ever before.

Still Shutting Down H&K - recent news

Latest news from campaign to Shut Down Heckler & Koch.

H&K on TV.  H&K arms Bahrain.  Come to one-off extra picket 26th Sept.

Badger campaign update

With the proposed slaughter of some 100,000 badgers (a.k.a Britsh Pandas!) expected to start within a week the campaign is hotting up.

The campaign against the cull is set to be the biggest animal rights protest since foxhunting was banned in 2004 and has united the country's biggest wildlife, countryside and animal welfare groups, hunt saboteurs and anti-vivisection campaigners.

Badger campaign & other Nottm AR Events


This month our minds are focussed on the forthcoming killing of badgers, whilst dairy cows and their calves continue to suffer unnatural and abusive practices....

Former Nottingham Comrade in Greek Arrest

Recently the greek state raided an anarchist squat in Thessaloniki and beat up and dragged away the residents, one of which was a comrade who until recently had been supporting greek prisoner solidarity in Nottingham. The comrade has been trailed and given a 1 year suspended sentence and has been released, currently recovering from the beating and the nearly broken hand sustained during arrest. th…

World Event Young Artists



Saturday 15th September 2012

Market Square, Nottingham

"World Event Young Artists 2012" have been holding events across Nottingham over the last week.


BBC Investigates New Threat to the Counrtyside

The 8th LAON Press release explains why the BBC's Counrtyfile Programme is investigation a Planning Decision which has national implications if it is not altered. The press release gives details of the campains that have been launched to both overturn the decision by means of a judicial review and how to sign a petition to prevent similar applications from succeeding. This decision, if upheld, mea…

Tuckers Solicitors: Squatting clamp down is upon u

The new section 144 of the Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act 2012 comes into effect on 1st September 2012.