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Monsanto Demo: Videos


1.00pm 25th March 2013 Market Square, Nottingham

Demo Against Monsanto


Anti-capitalists gear up for G8 protests


Anti-capitalists have been gearing up for the protests against the G8 Summit with Mayday actions across the country. The focus was on Primark and other businesses profiting from the global slave labour system which led to the death of 700 people in Bangladesh. There were angry protests in central London, Hackney, Lewisham, Birmingham, Brighton and Bristol, with the clear message going out that the…

The ‘Robin Hood’ spirit inspires Nottingham’s prot

Hundreds of local residents expected in Market Square at 2pm for the global 'March Against Monsanto' movement

Fascists in Nottingham this Saturday


Members of the EDL (the English Defence League) are attempting to arrange an unofficial "demonstration" tomorrow (Saturday) at 1pm on the market Square.

U.K. anarchist publication “Return Fire” released

Our new zine Return Fire is now available. It's a diverse mix with liberatory aims, which we hope to be informative and inspiring for anyone who decides to make their life a weapon against the dominant order.

The racists behind Lincoln demo


We’ve been doing a little digging into the Lincoln mosque demo to find out what more about the people organising it. The original Facebook event was set up by a local man called Alex Banos who lists his religious views as “muslim bashing” and his political views as UKIP. He is a big fan of the EDL and it was his posting stating that “we all edl on here”. He has also made posts threatening to…

Another CCTV camera for Forest Fields

Yesterday a pair of CPOs were knocking on doors in the Wiverton Road/Foxhall Road area asking whether people were in favour or against a camera being installed at the crossroads. In their words - "We want to know if you're in favour or not, and if you are in favour we'd like to take your name and address to pass to the council."

The council are trying to pinpoint the people in our community who f…

Mental Health COI - Criticising diagnosis and DSM5

  One of the key criticisms of traditional mental health services is the reliance on psychiatric diagnosis, which many argue are detrimental to service-users and unsupported by scientific research. This debate has recently come to the fore with clinical groups breaking ranks from the psychiatric establishment. Links to the story in other media are provided. 

Coming Soon-Little Brother watching Big Brother..

I think its time for a regular generalised scrutiny of ALL that the Nottingham/Notts authorities (Councils/Police/Courts etc.) are up to in their infinite wisdom.. & it will hopefully add a little to the already healthy volume (& quality) of great articles on many specialised subjects,.

If this is approved by members, "Little Brother" will commence watching asap.. & all will be revealed (hopefu…

EDL splinter group to demonstrate in Lincoln


EDL splinter group, the East Anglian Patriots (not to be confused with the East Anglian Patriotic Front or the People’s Front of East Anglia), have announced that they will hold a demonstration in Lincoln on Saturday 8th June at 1pm. They are protesting the building of a mosque on the site of a disused dairy because they don’t believe in freedom of religion.

Artists or Criminals? Nottinghams Graffiti Culture


Is street art devaluing Nottingham, or rather enhancing the city's culture? Despite the council's efforts to clean up Nottingham and bring an end to graffiti, the urban phenomenon lives on. The question is, should this form of cultural and political expression really be deemed illegal? Or should a difference be made between creative street art and mindless tagging and vandalism?

Secret Kitchen Cafe opens in Sneinton


A community cafe aimed at creating a social space in which to enjoy food together. No set prices, just donate some time or money for your meal.

People's Assembly

Same old nonsense.

Prisoner Support and Solidarity


Nottingham Anarchist Black Cross is a prisoner support group which aims to show solidarity with prisoners through letter writing and awareness raising. We believe that supporting imprisoned people plays a valuable and essential role in building strong cultures of resistance against the current order.

Another controversial May Day in Nottingham


Notts Trade Union Council organised a march and rally in Nottingham to mark international workers’ day on Saturday 4th May. Trade unionists, anti-cuts activists, socialists and anarchists marched from the Forest Rec to Market Square where speeches were given. The tradition of dissent within the local labour movement continued where it left off last year, with both the prominence of Nottingh…

Mayday Events 2 Rally


11.00am Saturday 4th May 2013

"May the fourth be with you!"

Gathering on the Forest ground, people assembled for the annual parade and rally. 

Mayday Events 1 Parade


11.00am Saturday 4th May 2013

"May the fourth be with you!"

Gathering on the Forest ground, people assembled for the annual parade and rally. 

Nottingham charity involved in workfare


The Nottingham homelessness charity, Framework, has admitted that it is involved in the Work Programme. This is one of the schemes known collectively as workfare, where unemployed people are forced to do unpaid work or face losing their benefits. Under pressure from anti-workfare activists, Framework announced that “we are one of the organisations who participate in delivering the work progra…

BNP suffers heavy losses across East Mids


According to East Midlands Anti-fascists, the fascist British National Party has suffered heavy losses at the polls in Thursday’s County Council elections. The party saw its share of the vote drop significantly in all 5 East Midlands counties since the last elections in 2009. Former BNP councillor, Graham Partner, who defended his Coalville seat as a candidate for the newly formed BNP splinter…

Nottingham Mayday - not a safe space

Yesterday's Mayday Rally at the Brian Clough statue organised by the Nottingham and Mansfield Trades Union Council recounted the gains of the Labour movement over the past year and spoke of current struggles against the Bedroom tax in particular. The rostrum almost shone with the hard work of the labour left in defeating the tory monster in the County.

However as soon as the march arrived it was …

Election nightmare for the BNP

The BNP’s election campaign turned out to be a disaster yesterday as their share of the vote was seriously cut down across the East Midlands and the country as a whole. Newcomers, the British Democrats, failed to make any impact and the English Democrats did very badly as well. UKIP’s populist right wing politics seems to have eclipsed the far right, perhaps for good.

Take action to stop Framework using workfare

Framework the Nottingham based charity that exists to tackle the causes and consequences of homelessness has got itself involved in the workfare programme. Workfare is the name given to various government programmes that force benefit claimants to work full-time jobs just to get their dole money.

On Sunday 5th May we'll be raising the issue on their Facebook page and Twitter feed. We ask that you …

Framework uses Workfare


Going to see Framework about workfare

Sumac Garden with Spring's Progress


Thursday 2 May 2013

Folks have been beavering away in the Sumac Yard Garden.


On a walk into our city centre and back today, on a beautiful sunny day, I witnessed a couple of things I felt like I could not ignore. Neither could I act at the time. Why?

New Riseup! Radio show


Latest issue of Riseup! Radio available now! This show we talk to someone from Chiapas about what's going on in the Zapatista communities over there. We hear about the on going court case against a group of squatters in Germany. Doom brings us up to speed on the case of a Nottingham man who has been unjustly been put on remand for alleged "threatening behaviour" during a DWP interview. We …

Petition urges Trades Council to think again

A petition was launched yesterday in an attempt to make the Nottingham Trades Council listen and act on the views of the wider activist community about Mayday speakers, something they abjectly failed to do last year with the invitation of expenses scandal Labour MP Alan Meale.

Free Steve Topley demo at Crown Court


Steve Topley's family and supporters of the campaign to free him gathered outside Nottingham Crown Court from 9.30am today. Steve, who has not seen his family since he was snatched by the police on 11th April, was in court for a bail hearing. He is currently on remand for alleged "threatening behaviour" during a DWP interview.

Anti-immigration protest in Spalding

On Saturday, BNP and EDL supporter Dean Everitt wheeled out the sequel to his Boston anti-immigration protest. The anti-immigration protest in Spalding was timed to fall on the anniversary of Enoch Powell’s famous race-baiting “Rivers of Blood” speech, which is no surprise given the politics of those organising it. 150 people turned up to the call for “No more immigration” which was a dis…

Free Steven Topley Demonstration and Leafleting

Friday 26, April 2013. 9.30-11.00 am

Family and supporters will protest against Steven Topley’s imprisonment outside Nottingham Crown Court 60 Canal St, Nottingham, NG1 7EL.

Contact details: Dave Perkins Tel; 07971 373479. Gina Topley Tel; 07952 976316.

A campaign has begun to free a man detained by police since 11th April for allegedly making a threatening comm…