Council Tax Protester sent to Prison

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Nottingham City Council have succeded in their attempt to imprison pensioner Ross Longhurst for refusing to pay Council Tax as a protest against the Coalition Government's austerity measures.

He was sentenced today to 28 days in prison and was immediately taken out of court by six burly G4S persons.

It is yet unknown where he will have to serve this sentence.

There were ITV and BBC cameras before the court and an ITV reporter in the courtroom, so there will probably be some coverage.

Updates to follow.



with you Ross.

Any Updates?

Be good to know how we can write to him

Top man Ross

Top man Ross for having the courage to take on the the bullies of Nottingham City Council. Disgraceful they have jailed a 72 year old for council tax arrears, but the banksters that caused austerity get off scot free. As previous poster says it would be good to know how to write to him to give some support. Met Ross a few times at UKuncut protests.

No news yet...

I'm afraid no news yet, there is loads of people wanting to get in touch with Ross but still waiting for proper information where he is, how he is etc. Please keep looking for updates.

He is in HMP Nottingham

Just got word he is in HMP Nottingham. Nothing much more known yet.

Ross Contact

Prisoner A0329DE
Ross Longhurst
HM Prison Nottingham
112 Perry Road