BBC coverage of Ratcliffe Trial

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The BBC have outdone themselves with their report on the opening of the Ratcliffe trial, claiming, "More than 1,000 people took part in the protest at the Nottinghamshire plant." (I append a screenshot in case they get around to correcting the article.)


The trial follows the arrest, in April last year, of 114 people at the Iona School in Sneinton. Note that 114 is a mere 11% of 1,000.

Presumably, the report is confusing the "Ratcliffe 114," as the incident and those involved have become known amongst activists, with the "Climate Swoop" which targetted Ratcliffe, the following October. While it might be understandable for a casual observer to get confused about the specific details of different actions against Ratcliffe, you'd expect a professional journalist would make some minimal effort to check their facts.

It is evident from the brevity of the piece, and its bizarre deviation from the facts, that the BBC have not bothered to send a journalist to sit-in on the month-long trial. Despite the case attracting considerable national media attention at the time, the circus has now moved on (presumably chasing somebody wielding a fire extinguisher).

Whatever your opinions about the tactical sense of trying to shut down a power station, the pre-emptive arrest of 114 people remains a unique and important moment in British policing which deserves serious attention. If the BBC aren't up to the task than it falls to the likes of Indymedia to report on the details of the case.


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