Action against cuts continues in Notts

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Resistance to the age of austerity has continued in Nottingham. On Wednesday night/Thursday morning, vandals struck at Conservative Party offices Nottingham, breaking windows and scrawling graffiti. On Saturday, more than 1,000 people marched from the Forest Recreation Ground to Market Square in a protest organised by Notts Save Our Services.

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A statement was posted on Indymedia on Thursday, claiming responsibility for the vandalism. This stated that the attack was "in solidarity with those arrested for being at Millbank, and all people who are getting fucked over by the cuts and capitalism on a daily basis." This is the latest in a wave of incidents of anti-cuts political vandalism in Nottingham. Previous targets have included County Hall and local bailiffs. According to local rag the Post, there was also a similar incident at the offices a week earlier.

Saturday's demonstration was the first major protest organised by Notts Save Our Services and comes only 7 weeks after its launch. Organisers claim 1,100 people were in attendance, with the numbers swelled by opponents of the closure of Gedling School.

The campaign against the cuts continues. There is the national student walk out against fees on Wednesday, supported by students at Nottingham University, a march in support of Gedling School on Thursday and a "protest against corporate tax evasions" planned for early December. In January, Notts SOS plan to hold a conference to work out a wider strategy.


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