Mark Kennedy/Stone exposed as undercover

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The Notts Indymedia collective can confirm that the following information is correct: Mark Kennedy, also known as Mark 'Stone' has been working as an undercover police officer from 2000 to at least the end of 2009. During this period he has been actively involved in various environmental, animal rights, anticapitalist and antifascist groups and campaigns. He lived in Nottingham and was a well-known face in the local activist community.

Investigations into his identity revealed evidence that he has been a police officer and a face-to-face confession has confirmed this. The people involved in confronting Mark and getting his confession from him make clear that for security reasons no more information can be made public at this stage.

Mark Kennedy, also known as Mark Stone worked undercover within the activist movement for the last 10 years and lived in Nottingham

The story came to light after the publicaction of the following article on UK Indymedia:

Mark 'Stone/Kennedy' exposed as undercover police officer‏

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