Beyond oil banner& solar panel drop 2010

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Neighbourhoods: lenton

banner drop & solar panel out of the urban jungle on highrise flats in Nottingham, by "lookalike chilean miner"











in support of the beyond oil campaign by Greenpeace UK    & in solidarity with the Crude awakening

Drop done at what suspiciously looks like lentons highrise flats which face the south east on their longest width for sunrise& get full midday to sunset on the other.
Agent solar has experience using solar to power domestic& mobile systems from the 1990s & is working on cost figures for installing enough solar power for 50 flats on each block to supply 30-50% of power. One off cost of for safe sealed units with inverters fitted by access climbers for around £8,000.
£160 per resident on the scheme, which could be paid via installments. 25 flats could be done for around £5,000.

This would be even more viable for slightly more minted flats in the city & housing blocks & even more viable if it wasnt for the daft economic system.
A solar panel are being fitted& used in flats behind glass which maybe the easiest way to do it, though around 30% of efficiency will be lost depending on glass type& lighting in rooms will be restricted.

Solar panels generate power even on cloudy days, units are getting smaller & the batteries etc safer.

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