Why I love the EDL

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The The English Disco Lovers that is! They are reappropriating the aconym EDL as another way of undermining the admittedly miniscule EDL.

Disco tent

Last autumn, four London-based friends, who prefer to remain anonymous, got to talking about reappropriating the acronym EDL from the English Defence League and "putting it to better use".

It started as a joke but they soon realised that it could become a more ambitious campaign  and wrote a manifesto expressing their aim to oust the existing EDL from the top of Google's search results and outdo them on FacebookThey even have a logo, a shield-shaped mirrorball, and a Latin motto: Unus Mundus, Una Gens, Una Disco (One World, One Race, One Disco).




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Disco Inferno

What a brilliant unique idea, & Ive enjoyed your website too thanks.. "Now is the winter of our disco tent" is hilarious, although I dont suppose the other "miniscule EDL" share my opinion..

I read (on your website) that youve already inspired the start of another group to oppose the BNP- The Bass National Party.. So it looks as though Disco & Bass are going to be very popular.. Whilst the other EDL & BNP sink without trace..