Anonymous Nottingham: leafleting for 23rd Feb

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Neighbourhoods: market nottingham square

12.00pm Market square [and about] Sat 26th January 2013

Some folks from Anonymous Nottingham leafleted central Nottingham to advertise their concerns re govermnets, tax etc






















Shortly after, a brace of Neighborhood wardens informed them that distibuting leaflets without permission could attract a £70.00 fine.

It is of course not true if the leaflets are for religious or political purposes. This was pointed out .... they seemed to know it anyway and went away.

Link to previous explanation on leafleting offence

2006 Nottingham Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act 2005 :: Some Correspondence 


Dear Mr Lodge 

Thank you for your e-mail regarding the distribution of free printed matter. 

The legislation came in to force on the 26th Sept and I am not certain where the date 16th Oct came from. What I did say was that we would spend the first couple of weeks making sure that distributors were aware of the need for a permit. After that time we will expect applications to have been made and if not then enforcement action could commence. 

You are correct in your belief that there are exemtions and they are the ones you list in your e-mail. In terms of political purposes the Sec of State has suggested a wide interpretation be made and that the intention is not to inhibit thye right of freedom of expression and freedom of thought, conscience enshrined in the European Convention of Human Rights. 

I hope this is of help but please do not hesitate to contact me if any further information is required. 


Barrie James



Leaflets also reminded folks of the 'Tax Avoidance Protest' due to be held from the Market Square 12pm on saturday 23rd February.

Folks then went on to gather around the statue of that other well known 'V' supporter .... Robin Hood. A political comment was then discovered  .... written in the snow :-)



They say:

On 26th January 2013 Anonymous will hold a national UK Paper storm. We ask that members of Anonymous manifest in their usual meeting areas in towns and cities.

So Nottingham show us you care.

The goal of the paper storm will be to raise public knowledge of Anonymous and of our upcoming events this year, by gathering across the country all on one day.

While public perception of Anonymous is slowly starting to increase, the governments and media will continue to portray us negatively, it is up to ourselves to ensure a good name for Anonymous and that the people know we fight for them. We intend to increase our public appearances in more areas now, so more people can see us and understand what we stand for.

This event will involve: handing out flyers, putting up posters, dropping flyers into cafes/libraries/bookstores/alternative stores, provide information to the public etc. Become an ambassador of Anonymous.

Things to consider: free hugs, music, flags and information regarding upcoming events and information regarding Anonymous.


Anonymous Nottingham



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