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A belated rundown ofthis fortnight's activities.

Friday 23 Sept. Shark Fin Soup demo at Mandarin Restaurant, bottom of Hockley.

Saturday 24: Nottm AR Street Stall. Meet 12.30 at the Lions, or call 07703 031667. Possible anti-slaughter leafleting at Food Festival.

Also: Veggies at Agrofuels demo in Dorset - save rainforests and urangutans from intensive palm oil trade.

Wed 29: Vegan Free Food GiveAway outside Nottm Trent University Arkwright Building, Shakespeare St.
Prep and possible cookery skillshare Tuesday. To help call 07824 398642 or email nottsfreefood[+at+]

Wed 29: Derby Animal Rights Meeting:

Thurs 30th + Tues 5th: Brinsley Animal Rescue workday.

Fri 1st Oct: Greyhound Racing demo. 6.30 at the Nottingham track.

Also: 11th-17th October - Lush greyhound action campaign at their Nottingham store. Contact them (or Nottm AR) to help and show support.

Sat 2nd Oct: Farmed Animal Rally in London.

Sunday 3rd: Conservative Party Conference.
9.28 train from Nottm to Derby; change for Birmingham.

A Friday afternoon to be arranged: demo at Harlan/Sera, animal breeders for vivisection near Loughborough.

Hunt Sabbing every Saturday and other times.

Fur in back in season. Please check for places selling real fur. Send details, even if you are not sure, so others can double check. See



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