Council Tax Non-Payment Campaign

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Proposal for a Council Tax Non-Pyment Campaign in Nottingham.

For the third year in a row, for 2013/14 Nottingham City Council plans to make further cuts in local public services, cut council jobs, freeze wages and in addition to increase Council Tax payments. It is clear that previous attempts to try to get NCC to resist austerity measures do not work.  The time has come for more effective actions to be taken and one of these could be a campaign to urge people to withhold Council Tax payments.

Payments of Council Tax begin in April so any effective campaigning must begin soon.  Already thousands of people in Nottingham have withheld some payments simply because they cannot afford to pay.  In the first instance it would only be necessary for relatively small numbers of people to withhold payments in order to attract attention and get the campaign under way.  We should take inspiration from the Anti-Poll Tax Campaign twenty odd years ago which forced a change  in government policy.

Please let me know if you are interested so that I can convene an initial meetting to discuss the proposal.

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just a suggestion

Try going to court with the argument that you do not contract with the council, because you pay for all your services privately, showing contracts and invoices with private service providers, schools, refuge collection etc. and point out that most of the services provided by the public sector you have no use of, and that the mane purpose of the public sector is to provide jobs for the public sector.