Save the NHS this Christmas

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Broxtowe Save Our NHS target local MP Anna Soubry

This morning in Beeston the Broxtowe Save Our NHS campaign delivered its Christmas spectacular. A giant Christmas card was brought into Beeston, on which people were able to send their messages of seasonal goodwill to their MP, Anna Soubry. These messages were of course somewhat infused with the feelings people have about the NHS, and the damage being inflicted on it now by Soubry and her Tory and Lib-Dem friends.


clarion belters

card fills

coffee and more tunes

card is full

Don’t forget that the Health and Social Care Act is now beginning to tear strips off the NHS - the juicy profitable strips that is, that the Tories' business friends can make a killing out of. Soubry is junior health minister, and this is the Act that was described as “an embarrassment to democracy” by nearly 250 leading doctors in a letter to a national newspaper. Nurses, Occupational Therapists, patient's groups, and pretty much everyone else are equally opposed.

Belting out the Christmas cheer, the Clarion Choir sang a number of carols specially adapted to the theme of defending the NHS. The busy town centre was filled with the sound of political choristry. Free tea, coffee and mince pies were on hand to warm everyone up, though the sun made a brave effort too. In between the choir’s sessions, a small sound system played Christmas songs from reggae, punk, and all kinds of other musical traditions.

The Christmas card soon filled up, and plenty of people took postcards for their friends and neighbours. Anna Soubry will certainly have a big Christmas post bag.

The Health and Social Care Act could prove fatal to the NHS as we know it. But don’t forget it could also have the potential to unite and mobilise large sections of the general public, service users, as well as the Trade Unions, with the potential to culminate in a “poll tax moment” for the government.

Merry Christmas One and All.




It's too late...

It's much too late, yer darlin' Labourshite party made sure of that years ago. Where were you when they were PFI'ing everything in sight, where were you when they were laying the foundations of privatisation to all their corporate friends? Nowhere to be seen of course, as were the unions. You keep on singing, the government (of whatever stripe)and their corporate friends will keep on laughing. Meanwhile the NHS as we've known it is almost dead and buried, and, as anyone in the health 'business' (which is what it is now, again thanks to yer Labourshite) knows you can't revive a corpse.

Not too late

Its not my darlin' Labour Party Dave. Where was I? I was trying to fight against PFI, Foundation Trusts, and all the other stuff Labour inflicted on the NHS, as well as fighting them on other fronts. Where were you? I hope you weren't just sniping on the sidelines.

The NHS is not dead and buried. It is still mostly in public hands, and the huge majority of NHS workers quite rightly have a proud public service ethos. We need to do our utmost to try and keep it that way, and keep the grubby hands of Brandson, Circle, and all the others off it.

The Broxtowe Save Our NHS Campaign will no doubt be seen by some as a Labour Party vehicle, but I do my best to make sure that isn't so. Tell me if you have a better way of getting the message about the NHS out there, and trying to mobilise people against the government.


I totally agree with you Ben, "Its not too late".. & thank goodness there are people like you to stand up to this Con-Lib-Demolition government & its disgusting policies with regard to the NHS..

There is far more chance of success now, than there was when the previous (Labour)lot were in power, because lots more of the public are aware of the politicians (all parties) agenda now.. Self interest & that of their wealthy business friends/partners in crime..