Fascists played twice at Ye Old Salutation

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Fascist bands played twice at Ye Old Salutation. Not oi!, really, fascist. Evidence included.

Ye Old Salutation has been hosting fascist gigs for music label Pure Impact Records, which is associated with the former label of fash band Screwdriver, among others, since at least 12.05.2012, most recently last month. Sometimes they dress it up with "leave your politics at the door" crap, but it's all just for show. Ye Old Salutation has also hosted a love music hate racism gig recently, so maybe the owners are unaware. Obviously fascists should not be hosted by any venue, and definitely not in the centre of Nottingham.

There was a recent concert on 10.11.12 with Skinfull and other extreme right bands. There was also an earlier concert on 12.05.12 with known openly neo-Nazi bands Skinfull and Citizen Keyne. The other bands I didn't look into or instantly recognise. Sometimes far right bands play alongside "grey zone" bands (bands that will play with both extreme right and left wing bands), however in this case it doesn't look like any of the bands are even grey zone. As an example, Skinfull have Nazi tattoos, Citizen Keyne have a photo on their main page where one is wearing a "white and proud" shirt.

Source is a German indymedia equivalent. The brief mentions of Nottingham and the flyer images should be self-explanatory:

Other Links:
Fascist music label puts on event at Ye Olde Salutation, Facebook page with a glance at some lovely attendees

Flyer for the most recent event in image format

Flyer for the previous event in image format

Please stop this happening again.

Please also note there are upcoming gigs in Bedford (this weekend) and Coventry (13 Jan). Any forwarding of the above info to relevant parties greatly encouraged.



Link_go Original German source
Source is a German indymedia equivalent. The brief mentions of Nottingham and the flyer images should be self-explanatory:

Link_go Flyer for November gig

Link_go Flyer for earlier gig


Evidence please

I've followed your links and haven't found any Nazi tattoos or White Pride T-shirts. Photos please.

pure impact nazi loving scum

Article is not well written and has a lot of stuff that is hard to prove, however it is enough just to look at the gig organizer, pure impact records and what sort of shit they are selling. amongst oi and punk you will also find openly nazi bands so that should be enough to stop those gigs from happening. Also this skinfull lot are well dodgy and clearly mates with fash (bit of a research and you can find out on what sort of gigs they are playing and what they are saying, that should be enough), probably just not having enough guts to openly admit they are fascists themselves as seems to be a trend in last years.


It's really not my scene. I posted because after a friend posted previously it didn't seem any action was taken and there were lots of questions. I wanted to simply pass it on to the right people so THEY can do a better job. Not even in Notts anymore but obviously concerned when I see fash gigs in Notts reported on an expert German fash oi! watch blog.

BTW - checked up a bit more on Citizen Keyne and take back that about the T-shirt, it says STAND proud.

I've referred this article back to Oireszene and hopefully they can provide more info for those that really need it. Have offered to translate if need be. Please realise I'm not actively involved in Antifa, I just agree with Antifa and wanted to be sure folk in Notts were aware and could do their own checks.

Personally, I just take one look at Pure Impact and the stuff they sell and that's enough. I'm done making excuses for scum. ;)

Some pics etc. I found on a quick search:

questionable shirt/tattoos
Song - same as above but for Germany...
They are commonly referred to as an RAC band (rock against communism). They've been banned from some events, such as the Streetpunk Christmas Festival, because of their playing at the far right rock festival "Live and Loud" in Belgium together with the neo-Nazi band Endstufe from Bremen. Endstufe are a known far right band and they are on the same label.
See: http://oireszene.blogsport.de/2010/11/11/skinfull-vom-streetpunk-christmas-festival-gekickt/ (in German with a statement in English)

If desired....

Can translate the detailed info on the scene on Oireszene for future reference. It explains the crossover and greyzone.


Have a go with Google translate, if desperate will try to find the time to translate it.

P.S. - Citizen Keyne - 18

See here on the Citizen Keyne website -

More evidence against Skinfull

On Skinfull, they posted this on their page: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=389491217769219&set=a.118016051583405.47611.103236909727986&type=1
That, to me, definitely looks like it's a full-on Blood & Honour-type gig with bands that are too well-known for being nazi to play in public.

Sharing stages with Pressure 28

Plus, Pressure 28 are definitely full-on fash (28 = BH = Blood & Honour), their singer Kevin Gough is a well-documented BNP/C18 member: see, for instance http://news.bbc.co.uk/hi/english/static/in_depth/programmes/2001/bnp_special/membership/other/kevin_gough.stm and http://www.hopenothate.org.uk/news/article/1979/ginas-nazi-pals for proof of the Pressure 28 connection.
Skinfull and Citizen Keyne have both played gigs with Pressure 28, see https://www.facebook.com/events/131102956949965/ and https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151000290937106&set=a.419898357105.192114.126538117105&type=1&relevant_count=1
So, if these bands aren't openly fash, they definitely have links to that side of the scene.

It's a free country

It's free country, no thanks to you far left fascists.

Free speech

Oh yeah your pals the Nazis were really keen on free speech weren't they!

Oh Dear

I love reading articles like this!

Reason being they’re so full of misinformation.

I will correct your misinformation (even though in future you and others will still produce lies as factual)

You claim Pure Impact promoted a show in Nottingham!
This is incorrect. Every time there is an Oi!/Skinhead gig Pure Impact create an event page to let people know that a show is happening.

This in no way shape or form makes them the promoter of the show.

Check Facebook for evidence of numerous event pages set up by Pure Impact.

You posted the following - There was also an earlier concert on 12.05.12 with known openly neo-Nazi bands Skinfull and Citizen Keyne.

Neither Skinfull or Citizen Keyne are Neo-Nazis.
And if you believe they’re then show some evidence of this!

You then give us this evidence - As an example, Skinfull have Nazi tattoos, Citizen Keyne have a photo on their main page where one is wearing a "white and proud" shirt.

No member of Skinfull has Nazi tattoos. The Citizen Keyne picture is later shown to be a “Stand Proud” shirt.

You are by now making yourself look incompetent and misinformed.

This following statement by you is fantastic - Source is a German indymedia equivalent.
So are we to believe that the German equivalent has as many lies and factually incorrect evidence as the British version?

Later on in one of the replies we get the whole Pressure 28 nonsense.
Pressure 28 – front tyre pressure of a Lambretta scooter.
Pressure 28 – name of a Scooter club set up in 1981.

I could waste my time making you look idiotic, but I have better things to do in my life.

citizen keyne 18 26

There is this comment on this thread

P.S. - Citizen Keyne - 18

Comment Published: December 05, 2012 17:53 by A distant friend that keeps coming back like a boomarang...

See here on the Citizen Keyne website -

The link attached shows an "18" tattoo on the singers arm. On his other arm is a "26" tattoo.

These tattoos are the day in the month his two daughters were born.

I find this page to be very offensive to me and my family

I would like to know what justification you have to label me a Nazi? I personally am strongly against racism as I have to deal with it on a day to day basis. The reason for this is that my wife is Chinese (born in Hong Kong and we also have a mixed race son together. I fell this page containing a write up on my band with very serious accusations and no real evidence (all subjective) is a deformation of character. Consider this a notice of disapproval, I will check back in one month from today 10/05/14. If this page containing details of my band has not been removed within this time frame I will be seeking legal advise

Well well well

What I'm about to write is as truthful as the initial post on this thread.

If the author disputes that what I say is any less truthful than what he says sue me.

The author of this thread has convictions for child sex offences.

He was analy raped in jail by Muslims and converted to Islam.

His dad, who has Down syndrome, is also his Uncle.
As he is his mum’s brother and they have 4 children together.

His dad enjoys giving blow jobs to dogs and can often
Be seen taking stray dogs home to suck them off.

Fascists played twice at Ye Old Salutation

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9_Aaghv-Qt4 listen to the lyrics at 1.43 and you will realise a band you condemned as nazi are far from it, but will you print an apology or even send them a message saying you were wrong, i doubt it as you just like to cast doubt on anyone that don't conform to the left. These lads have done NO wrong yet you have labelled them NAZIS, shame on you, the left are really the new fascists condemning everyone without trial. Even the author did'nt give a name yet you printed it as the truth

Total Rubbish

Comments on Citzen Keyne total rubbish !!
I have known One of the band member for over 20 years, they are purely and simply a Punk Oi !! Band and while many do not appreciate ther music, me included !! They are a bunch of guys having fun in what they do!!
Nothing remotely racist in their content or linked to Natzism ?. A T-shirt saying stand proud and a guy with his children's birth dates tattooed on his arm have been totally misconstrued . The person that wrote the original comments is a total dick head that needs to get a life and go to spessavers and at the very least go and see what these guys are all about.
A bunch of boys having fun and not offending anyone !!