Anti fur demonstration at Hopkinson vintage

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Our first demonstration against Hopkinson vintage took place on 2nd December 2012 regarding their selling of real fur.


After very successful campaigning in Nottingham Hopkinson are one the only places left selling real fur in Nottingham.Campaigners have spoken to the store regarding this before the demonstration today but after being told that they do not see anything wrong with the sale of fur we started our campaign with the first of many demonstrations to come.The demonstration had many positives with many members of the public deciding not to go into the shop after realising that Hopkinson sell real fur, and until the shop adopt a fur free policy we will continue to inform the public (and would be customers) about the cruel industry that Hopkinson are a part of.The vintage fur trade perpetuates the idea that it is ok to wear the skin and fur of a dead animal and promotes it as an acceptable item of fashion, in fact vintage fashion has had a massive influence on mainstream fashion with some designers even making clothes look "older" some people even say that this has had alot to do with real fur starting to make its way back onto the high streets.Wether an animal was tortured and murdered for its fur two months ago,  two years ago or 20 years ago, it still doesn't make the suffering and painfull death that the animal went through ok!! Therefore it is a massive disrespect to that animal for someone to profit off that death and for someone to think it is ok then to drape the skin and fur of that animal over themselves and think that this is acceptable.Watch this space for more demonstrations in the very near future.Please contact and let Hopkinson know (politely) what you think about them selling real furHopkinson21 Station StreetNottinghamNG2 3AJ Tel: 0115 837 1316Email:

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