Fascist/Racist Supporting Record Label In Town

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jsut a note of perhaps some worth to anti-fa in notts.

this label pure impact is apparently a fash supporting label and recently held an event in notts.

just to ask a) did anyone protest it and b) did anyone who didnt protest it or not know about it in time already know about this l;abel and its notts activities.


just wanted to spread this around to make people aware.


this is their event as posted on facebook - https://www.facebook.com/events/349268145154149/



Any evidence that they are Nazis?

Is there any evidence that the label are Nazis rather than just skinheads?

Definitely fash

I was wondering that, looking at the label's page they say they cover "Oi, punk, hardcore, RAC, streetpunk" - RAC being Rock Against Communism, the term fash bands came up with as a response to Rock Against Racism. Oh, and looking at their online store, they sell Skrewdriver records: www.pure-impact.com/store/product_info.php?products_id=3738 So, yeah, definitely fash.
Looking at the label's facebook page, they've got upcoming events in Coventry, Bedford and Bathgate, if anyone knows any antifa in any of those places?


None of those bands are fascist skinhead bands at that event. Pure Impact are from Belgium and support anything skinhead so calling them fascist is like calling Morrison's your local butcher lol

Wrong emphasis - forget the label, look at the bands

look up the names, look up their websites. you will find folks in neo-nazi clobber. the notts band has been on docs about fash rock. the bands playing are not even grey zone oi, they are fash. you also need to do a little more research on the history of the record label and the stuff they are selling. also, just check the facebook group and the attendees. internationalists of a kill non-whites persuasion.

fair enough if you are willing to tolerate fash gatherings in notts. not something i personally want to see!