Women take legal action against undercover cops

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According to a new article in the Guardian, 8 former lovers of undercover cops have started legal action against police chiefs for the psychological suffering they've endured. The women include three former lovers of Mark "only twice" Kennedy, two former lovers of Jim Boyling, and women who had relationships with Mark Cassidy, Bob Lambert and John Barker - a name that doesn't seem to have been associated with undercover policing of activism before (but could it be this man?)

The women say that the cops "deliberately and knowingly deceived them" using them "physically and emotionally" in a manner that was "deeply degrading" for intelligence purposes. They are threatening to sue the Metropolitan police on human rights grounds for the psychiatric and psychological injuries their experiences have caused them. Police chiefs (the Guardian doesn't name them) will be sued for "assault, deceit, negligence and misfeasance in public office" They also demand full disclosure of details of the undercover officers' activities.

It is fantastic that these women have refused to be cowed by the abuse and have come together to fight back. I wish them every success and hope it is a further blow to the scum who have used and abused so many.



this sounds like a scenario from communist russia.

German response

Kennedy was in up to 22 countries, he and other undercovers also made similar problems abroad, and here in Germany. In the next few days you will see this issue getting attention in Germany, and we will try to keep you in UK posted of what happens here.

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German article + group, on lawsuits

Here is a very hard-hitting article from Germany explaining the women's lawsuit and long background, and also mentioning the ongoing German lawsuit filed by those who had been spied on by German undercover Simon Bromma:
Emotional and sexual abuse by police officers is public
by Matthias Monroy 17.12.2011

Original article in German:

Bad google translate is here, but the many links to often original English texts help to further explain the article:

Also, there is a quite active blog called, "Working Group: Spy Lawsuit" about the Simon Bromma case. Its here:

or with googletranslate:

This group, based in Heidelberg, has been very active with demonstrations, giving lectures across Germany, and pressing at the political level. You can see here that they have a demonstration today as a part of "Action Week":

Maybe they could even come to UK to give lectures and build international solidarity. Contact them here:

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more press

3 more current articles on Women's lawsuit,
plus relevant quotes from Ex-Undercover Liam Thomas:

1. Former girlfriends of undercover policemen appear to stand good chance of winning
Monday 19 December

2. Undercover operations "totally outside the bounds of a civilised society" - lawyer
20 Dec

3. Women to sue Metropolitan Police for 'emotional trauma'
(bbc radio interview with Women's lawyer Harriet Wistrich)

4. Former UK undercover cop Liam Thomas tells of his experiences, including being encourage to have affairs:

Berlin, Germany

In solidarity...

maximum respect to the women taking this action - this is an excellent fightback, taking it to the cops in a way they will NOT enjoy, and I would hope this legal case will reduce the risk of activists being targeted in a similar way in the future. I particularly respect the way this case emphasises the systemic nature of this despicable police tactic, helping to shoot down the lie that such cases are the unauthorised actions of "rogue" officers. Well done to all involved - it can't have been an easy process to say the least, but I'm very impressed by the fortitude of the women. Solidarity!