Occupy Notttingham: Two months in

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On Thursday 15th December, Occupy Notttingham will have been in situ for two months. An impressive tally. The camp is now surrounded by the "Winter Wonderland," but despite this aural and aesthetic assault and the recent cold weather, the occupiers remain steadfast.

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Recent visitors to the camp have included folk punks Flogging Molly, Maltese band Cable 35 and Marxist academic Samir Amin.

On November 30th, the strike march came along Long Row, past the camp. Occupiers welcomed the strikers and were well received. The camp now has an impressive collection of union flags.


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Reading this you might get the impression occupy nottingham has a really bad relationship with the wonderland, this isnt true, we watch their back & they watch ours at night etc when they can, mkt sq is the most drunken violent sq in uk debateably.
In future please check with OC camp before publishing if you want to help, either myself Johnny or Carl or Ash,thx
Plus most of us think the large ride there is brilliant, though it should have a safe VAWT wind generator on it at the top, at that height it would definetely generate the power.
Thx for article anway,ta