All out for N30 in Notts!

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On November 30th, an array of public sector unions will strike together against government attacks on their pensions. In Nottingham there will be pickets across the city, a march and rally, a critical mass bike ride and, in the evening, a meeting opposing cuts at the BBC.

The Bigger Society Social Club was evicted on Monday but events are being carried on at the Sumac Centre. 

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Timetable for the day:

Early morning onwards - Pickets outside all public buildings, schools, universities, etc. affected by the strike. Notts Uncut with the help of Occupy Nottingham are planning to do a roaming soup kitchen feeding the pickets.

10.30 - Start assembling on the Forest

11.30 - March leaves the Forest for the Market Square

12.30 - Trade Union rally at the Albert Hall

13.00 - Critical Mass solidarity bike ride will leave from Market Square

15.00 - Soup & Discussion of N30 and the future of workers' struggle - venue TBC

19.00 - Nottingham journalists campaign to save public broadcasting meeting at New Mechanics

19.30 - Dinner and film showing of The Take - venue TBC


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NUJ support for 30 November public sector strike on pensions

Do what you can to ensure the strikes are reported fairly and accurately. The NUJ's executive council has also called on editors in newspapers, radio and television to ensure that coverage of the major public service strike on 30 November is balanced.

A unanimous resolution reminded editorial chiefs that they have an obligation to make sure that reporting the strike planned by nearly thirty public sector unions against government cuts to services is carried out fairly.

"Fox News-style coverage is not acceptable in Britain," the executive council declared. "As representatives of journalists throughout Britain, the least we would expect is for a reasonable amount of any article about the strikes to include comments from trade union spokespersons."

Get out there and support striking members and the fight for decent pensions. There will be events, marches and rallies throughout the UK on 30 November.

"Whenever NUJ members are on strike, we are always overwhelmed by the support and solidarity of our sister unions.

This Wednesday we will be proudly supporting the millions of colleagues taking action in the biggest public sector strike in history. This is a pensions robbery pure and simple – the cynical act of a government determined to make ordinary workers pick up the tab for an economic crisis of the bankers’ making.