All out on N30! A striker's guide

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With a week to go, a lot of planning is going on to make N30 in Nottingham a big day. This is an attempt to put it all into some kind of meaningful timetable.

Mon 28th Nov

Notts Free Space set to open providing a base for strikers and movement for radical social change throughout the week.


Wed 30th Nov

Early morning onwards - Pickets outside all public buildings, schools, universities, etc. affected by the strike. Notts Uncut with the help of Occupy Nottingham are planning to do a roaming soup kitchen feeding the pickets.

10.30 - Start assembling on the Forest

11.30 - March leaves the Forest for the Market Square

12.30 - Trade Union rally at the Albert Hall

13.00 - Critical Mass solidarity bike ride will leave from Market Square

15.00 - Soup & Discussion of N30 and the future of workers' struggle at Notts Free Space

19.00 - Nottingham journalists campaign to save public broadcasting meeting at New Mechanics

19.30 - Dinner and film showing of The Take at Notts Free Space


Meanwhile comrades in Lincoln have produced some great posters for the day.


A strike means nobody and nothing works! See you in the streets!


The Blame Game

Guess what people.... This 1 day strike is all the fault of the Union leaders, says Cameron....

Needless to say, Mr. Barber has expressed his disagreement & disapproval with the usual pathetic political blame game.. & quite right too..

N30 map

anarchists are assembling a map of all the actions/pickets/rallies taking place on N30 here. add anything you can think relevant