Occupy Nottingham: Still there

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While the London-centric mainstream media has continued to focus on the occupation next to St Pauls, other occupations continue around the country, including in Nottingham, where those occupying the Market Square are now entering their fourth week. Despite the weather and a number of threats the camp is not only continuing, but in fact growing.

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There have been some threats to the camp and on Sunday, a firework was thrown into the camp, before those responsible were chased off.

Despite the problems, the response to the camp has been overwhelmingly supportive. The camp has been visited by Nottingham’s Critical Mass, Robin Hood and Maid Marian, "aliens" and even health and safety officials whose inspection they passed.


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Still There.. For the Duration..

You,re all doing a fantastic job representing those of us who realise we need to be (represented that is..lol..)

I met & talked to some of you on Sunday, which was very informative & enjoyable thankyou.... & a couple of you definitely said that you,re there "for the duration", so I hope you dont mind me including that here..

See you again very soon, & all the best to you all..