Occupy Notttingham: Moved but still in occupation

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On Friday evening, those occupying Nottingham’s Old Market Square agreed to move from one end of the square to the other. On Facebook they described this as a “temporary relocation” explaining that occupiers “democratically voted to move the occupation temporarily to the opposite end of Market Square so as to accommodate the exhibitions, Xmas market and Tree.”

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Support has been incredible. Occupiers have received more than £500 in donations from local residents. A wishlist has been produced of things which would be useful.


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There is loads of land along the river in Nottingham

There is loads of land along the river in Nottingham for a protest camp.

useless comment!

yes .... there is lots of land down by the river. They might even be able to talk to the odd dog walker, perhaps.

Or .... they could stay were they are, talking to the thousand of people passing by and showing an interest in the issues. What they are there for in fact.

Radio Nottingham this morning

Campers were on a phone in show on Radio Nottingham this morning. http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/p00kwjt9/Mark_Dennison_25_10_2011/ interviews start at about 7mins in.

Along The River in Nottingham

To Nottingham resident....

If you think its an ideal place, why dont you go there & set up your own little camp?.. You could protest against the protesters in the Market Square, & all the others in the UK & around the world.. Including many US cities of course..

Then at least you,d hopefully be too busy to put any more of your corporate greed inspired & government instigated rubbish on this site.. Which, as youve already found out, is not welcomed..

Please dont bother to let us know how it goes..