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Have discovered more photographs of undercover police officer Mark Kennedy.  There has been much reporting of his monitoring activities in watching [&contributing to] direct action of climate change issues.







Well before anyone was aware of his mission, here he is at an event organised to oppose the building of the Kingsnorth power station by E-on. 




Mark 'Stone/Kennedy' exposed as undercover police officer? 

- Indymedia UK 21 October 2010



Ratcliffe: 2nd Court Case of 6 activist Collapses


Ratcliffe Crown Court Trial 'Collected Report' PDF


Reported at the time:

On Tuesday morning 1 April 2008,  30 people blockaded the entrances to E-on's offices on Mount St, Nottingham City Centre. People covered in green paint to represent E-on's greenwash, locked onto the front entrance to E-on's office and stood in front of other entrances preventing E-on workers from getting to work. The climate activists from Eastside Climate Action blockaded E-on workers as part of International Fossil Fools Day. 

At E-on's offices today, Bob Castle said “We are here today because despite E-on publicly claiming green credentials, it is trying to build a new generation of coal fired power stations. It is trying to build the first new coal fired power station in the UK in 50 years, at Kingsnorth in Kent, and wishes to continue its expansion with a new power staion at High Marnham in Nottinghamshire. We are here to tell E-on that they will not suceed and the only real solution to climate change is to keep fossil fuels in the ground. Coal is the dirtiest Fossil Fool and to build new coal power stations in the face of climate change is collective suicide.” 

Fossil Fools Day, called by the international Rising Tide network and its allies, has seen over one hundred actions take place around the world. Protests have focused on the companies responsible for runaway carbon dioxide emissions, as well as complicit governments and those promoting false solutions. 


Fossil Fools Blockade E.On Offices in Nottingham 2008 : Pictures 1


Fossil Fools Blockade E.On Offices in Nottingham 2008 : Pictures 2


Nottingham Fossil Fools Blockade E.On Offices Surveillance and Specialist Equipment


Police Searches Houses After Arrests At E.On Blockade


2008 Nottingham Fossil Fools Take On E.ON In Nottingham [Feature]



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Proof of a secret cabal covering up for Kennedy again... hiding photos... losing his boat... protecting his dog... conspiracy... liberals.... froth... spume... I'm so radical I'd have killed him, honest...


Move on

We know what he did, we know what he looks like. Let's stop talking about him.

Bored, well move on then!

Quote from BBC website
'In an interview for BBC's Inside Out, detectives and campaigners have spoken about the raid at Iona School in Sneinton - located about 10 miles from the power station - which led to the arrest of 114 people.The police seized thousands of items in the raid, including climbing ropes, metal grinders, chains, locks, pre-packed meals and a steel barrier.'