JB Spray needs your help

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The JB Spray squat in Radford, Nottingham is under threat of eviction. The occupiers, who have been in the building since May 2009, have been served with notice of a court date for 2nd August. The landlord is intending to gain a possession order and make homeless the many people who have been living in the building for over a year. The occupiers have stated that they intend to resist any attempts to evict them and are asking people to support them.

The former lace factory, which was empty and unused for many years, has been occupied and used for social and community purposes a number of times in the past. On previous occasions squatters were evicted quickly. This is the first time that people have been able to settle and make a proper home in the building.

Those wanting to help with resistance to the closure of this free space should contact a current resident or if known to the occupants come on round to discuss any help you would like to offer. Alternatively please email jbspray[at]hotmail.com

Please see also: http://www.indymedia.org.uk/en/2010/05/452196.html?c=on#c250967


Email addition

Please send all e-mail enquiries to jbspr4y[at]gmail.com as the hotmail one is currently not in use.

Many thanks,
JB Spray