GB Circus: Japanese Water Gardens, near Nottingham

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The Japanese Water Gardens, near Nottingham, plays host to Martin Lacey's Lincolnshire-based circus, one of just three in Britain to still use wild animals. Animals used in the circus include tigers, zebra, camels, llamas, horses, ponies, dogs, goats and reindeer.

Protests continue on Sat 21st at 4pm & Sun 22nd at 2pm (for final show).


Protests continue Great British Circus on Sat 21st at 4pm & Sun 22nd at 2pm (for final show).
To be kept informed call 07709 231267 / 07508 521066.

Naturally we are all concerned about the dangerous flyposting of the Great
British Circus, however if you see any, do not be tempted to take them
down, instead, let us know of their exact location.


If you have friends or contacts down south, let them know that notorious
Great British Circus is at Fairlop, Barkingside East London from May 24th
- 5th June. For demo details see


Sunday sees the Nottingham Green Festival, a triffic opportunity to reach
thousands of socially aware local people with our message. Subject to the
help available, in addition to a major Veggies catering operation, we will
run stalls for Nottingham Animal Rights, the Hunt Sabs, Vegan Camaigns and
the Sumac Centre. Setting up at the Arboretum from 11am. Event opens
12noon til 6pm. Afterparty at Sumac from 7pm.


Saturday 21st - Veggies catering in Manchester for vegetarian week launch,
pickup: 7:30am Sumac!

Monday 23rd - Free food giveaway in Derby to start National Vegetarian
Week: 12noon st peter's street. Details from 07951 304652

Monday 23rd - 27th National vegetarian week specials at New Art Exchange
(vegan cakes :)

Friday 27th - Free food giveaway 10am @ sumac, 12noon in town

Friday 27th - greyhounds: 6:30pm - 7:30 pm @ race track

Saturday 28th - proctor and gamble action, details tbc, contact us.

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