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Nottingham City Council are planning to cut tens of millions from their spending in the year from April 2011. They will meet to set this budget on Monday March 7th. Notts Save Our Services (SOS) are calling on them not to adopt their cuts budget.


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These cuts will reduce services and support for vulnerable people such as:

  • Sick, disabled and old people needing support
  • People who need help because of mental illness, drink and drugs misuse
  • Women fleeing domestic violence and children at risk

In addition there are to be cuts in leisure and cultural facilities such as public libraries. Also 368 Council employees are scheduled to lose their jobs. Further cuts to public services in coming years are planned.

Notts Save Our Services, the local anti-cuts campaign, are urging Nottingham City Councillors not to adopt their cuts budget when they meet on 7th March. They should:

  • Declare that the financial situation of the Council is an emergency
  • Work with relevant organisations in the City to draw up a budget based on the real needs of local people
  • Demand that the Government return the £60 million it has chopped from Nottingham City’s allocation

Sign the petition to the Council urging them to resist bringing in cuts to public services. You can also collect signatures yourself (using the downloadable petition) and get them to us before March 7th.

Tell them “No” to cuts!

It was the reckless folly of speculative bankers that in 2008 necessitated a £86 billion government bail-out of big banks to prevent them failing. Now the Coalition Government want us to foot the bill for propping up their rich banker friends. That is why the Government is imposing public spending cuts, especially on local councils. Notts SOS says that ordinary people should not pay the debts of the billionaire bankers.

What You Can Do

  • Sign the petition to Nottingham City Council. If you want to collect petitions use the downloadable version and contact us to return them when complete, before 7th March.
  • Phone-up your ward councillors to tell them not to vote for the cuts budget.
  • Come to the Notts SOS rally in Market Square against the City Council budget. Starts 12 noon on Saturday March 5th. All welcome. Bring banners, placards & things to make noise including yourself!
  • Come to the protest outside the budget meeting, Market Square at 1pm on Monday, 7th March. The meeting starts at 2pm. There will also be an a protest from 5-7pm for people to come to after work.
  • Go on the TUC March for the Alternative in London on Saturday, 26th March.


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