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Notts anti-cut protestors at Vodafone, TopShop etc



Saturday 10th September 2011

12.30am Nottm Un-cut protestors gathered outside the central library in Nottingham.


Notts Uncut: Tour of Tax Avoiders



Saturday August 13, 2011

In the aftermath of the riots in Nottingham, folks from Notts Uncut resumed their usual Saturday afternoon activities.


Street party against business, banks, service cuts



Saturday 16 July 2011

2.00pm people gathered in the Market Square, being entertained by a small sound system in a rucksack!


Cuts campaigners @ HSBC Vodafone Virgin & the rest


Saturday 9th July 2011

Anti-Cuts campaigners keep up the pressure on HSBC, Vodafone, Virgin Media, Boots and the rest .......

Cuts Protest @ Vodafone, Boots, NatWest, TopShop..



Saturday 9th April

Tour around Nottingham, visiting the usuals at Vodafone, NatWest, TopShop, Boots ...  but time included Miss Selfridge & Dorethy Perkins.


Notts UK Uncut occupied Lloyds TSB Bank Nottingham



Saturday 9th April

Notts UK Uncut occupied Lloyds TSB Bank in Nottingham city centre


Cuts Protest @ Vodafone, BHS, NatWest, TopShop etc


Saturday 19th March

Tour around Nottingham, visiting the usuals at Vodafone, BHS, NatWest, TopShop & Boots.  

Barclays Bank visited by anti-cuts protesters



Saturday 19th March


Notts UK Uncut occupied Barclays Bank in Nottingham city centre. 


Vodafone & Philip Green stores visited by anti-cut



Saturday 5th March

After the rally & protests against City Council cuts, held earlier in the Market Square, folks went on the now well troden route round to the Vodafone store in Clumber Street. 


Vodafone visited [yet again] by anti-cuts protest


Saturday  26th February

After the successful occupation of Natwest Bank by people as part of Notts UK Uncut campaign, ultimately forcing it to close early, people moved on to the Vodafone store in Clumber Street, Nottingham.

UK Uncut: Nottingham UK Uncut demo

Report of the most recent demonstration against tax avoiding corporations (January 30th).

Nottingham supports Egyptian revolution!

Nottingham demo in support of Egyptian revolution. Overe a hundred students and trade unionists. Support the revolution on Sunday 6 December outside Vodafone, who collaborated with Mubarak. Voda called on their customers to support the regime.

Tax Avoiders Demo

January 30, 2011 13:00

Clumber Stree, Nottingham

UK Uncut: #UKuncut December 18

Videos from the tax avoiders protest in Nottingham.

Anti-cuts day of action in Nottingham


Saturday 4th December was a de facto day of action against cuts in Nottingham with a demonstration against tax avoiders and a student protest running into one another.

Protest against corporate tax evasion

December 04, 2010 13:00

Meet outside Vodafone on Clumber Street, Nottingham.

Direct action tax collection?


On Saturday 6 November, Notts SOS held a protest outside the Vodafone store on Clumber Street. Although the store was effectively closed even before campaigners arrived, this was far from an inspiring demonstration with the analysis leaving much to be desired.

Vodafone "not paying their taxes" Demo


Vodafone Shop, Clumber Street Nottingham

2pm Saturday 6th November 2010

Vodafone actions across UK


On Wednesday, activists in London blockaded Vodafone's flagship store on Oxford Street, in protest against the company's avoidance of a £6bn tax bill. This action has inspired campaigners throughout the country and sparked off a wave of anti-Vodafone actions. But nothing yet in Nottingham.