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Notts workers strike for pensions


An estimated 60,000 public sector workers across Nottinghamshire went on strike on 30th November. The aim of the strike was to put pressure on the government over its plans to radically change public sector pensions. Unions claim that the proposed changes would mean that workers pay more, work longer and receive less at the end of it. Undoubtedly the strikes were also a protest against the wi…

N30 critical mass and free space

As well as the main pickets and march yesterday, a critical mass was organised to shut down the city. A group of 25 cyclists cycled (at extremely slow pace) around the city centre for a few hours after the march had finished, spreading the word about the strike and the fight against government cuts everywhere we went. There was a huge amount of public support for our message.

All out on N30! A striker's guide

With a week to go, a lot of planning is going on to make N30 in Nottingham a big day. This is an attempt to put it all into some kind of meaningful timetable.

Nov30 Critical Mass

November 30, 2011 13:00

Market Square, Nottingham