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Climate activists' convictions quashed


The convictions of 20 climate activists were quashed by the Court of Appeal on Wednesday. The 20 had been convicted of conspiracy to commit aggravated trespass at Ratcliffe-on-Soar power station, in December last year. However, revelations about the withholding of evidence gathered by undercover police officer Mark Kennedy led to the Director of Public Prosecutions requesting an independent re…

Undercover police officer back in the spotlight


The Met Police are facing serious questions and the threat of an investigation into the role of one of their undercover officers. PC Mark Kennedy infiltrated activist groups between 2003-2009. On Monday, the second trial relating to planned action at Ratcliffe on Soar power station collapsed after the prosecution offered no evidence. This is believed to be an attempt to conceal the extent of …

Guilty verdict in Ratcliffe trial


After a 3 week trial and 3 days of deliberation for the jury, 20 climate activists were found guilty of conspiring to commit aggravated trespass today. The defendants were amongst 114 activists arrested at a Nottingham school in April 2009, on the verge of taking action to shut down the Ratcliffe-on-Soar power station. Over the course of the trial the jury heard evidence from a raft of expert…

Ratcliffe on Trial: Activists found guilty in Ratcliffe trial

Twenty climate activists who planned to shut down one of Britain’s most polluting power stations for a week were found guilty of conspiracy to commit aggravated trespass today.

Ratcliffe Trial Day 12 – Concluding Speeches


9 December 2010

Miss Felicity Gerry for the prosecution begins her speech to the jury.

Day 13 – No verdict this week

Taken from: http://ratcliffeontrial.org/2010/12/day-13-no-verdict-this-week/

Ratcliffe Trial Day 11 Defence Concludes its Case


8 December 2010

Mr Rees for the defence says that there will be no more ‘live’ evidence presented.

Ratcliffe Trial Day 9 – Defence Calls More Experts


6 December 2010

Mr Rees for the defences calls Prof. Ian Roberts. He is Professor of Epidemiology and Public health at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.  Widely published and contributed to issues on health issues and debates worldwide.  Active research interests in the links between fossil fuel energy use, climate change and human health, contributing work to the World Health Or…

Day 11 - Defence Case wrapped up

Taken from: http://ratcliffeontrial.org/2010/12/day-11-defence-case-wrapped-up/

Day 9 Ratcliffe Trial- Flooding and harnesses

This afternoon saw the final expert witness take the stand. Dr Geoff Meaden is a Geographer from Kent, who currently consults for the UN. His evidence was wide-ranging, but began with an explanation of the difference between local weather events and the global climate.

Day 9- Ratcliffe trial update

Day 9- Epidemiology Prof warns court climate change is a “public health emergency”

It's been a sobering Monday morning in court with evidence presented by Dr Ian Roberts, Professor of Epidemiology at the London School of Hygiene and Medicine. He explained the real and imminent threat to health posed by climate change. His warnings could hardly have been starker: we risk “generational genocid…

Ratcliffe Trial: Week 2


Week 2 of the Ratcliffe Trial saw the defence open their case, giving some of the defendants an opportunity to explain why they took the actions they did. Among the witnesses called was NASA scientist James Hansen, former MP for Notttingham South Alan Simpson and Green Party MP Caroline Lucas.

The Manchester Airport Trial will begin next week, with 11 defendants facing charges of obstruction of t…

Ratcliffe Trial Day 8 – Defence Calls MP's



2 December 2010     Nottingham Crown Court

Mr Edward Rees QC for the defence, calls the first witness of the day.  He is Alan Simpson, former MP for Nottingham South between 1992 to this last election 2010.

Day 8 – Leader of the UK Green Party

Taken from http://ratcliffeontrial.org/2010/12/day-8-leader-of-the-uk-green-party-explains-the-eu-democratic-deficit/

Day 8 – Alan Simpson

Taken from: http://ratcliffeontrial.org/2010/12/day-8-%E2%80%93-morning-session-former-mp-alan-simpson-testifies-in-support-of-the-ratcliffe-defendants/

Ratcliffe Trial Day 6 – The Defence Continues


30 November 2010     Nottingham Crown Court

Snowing much today, resulting a couple of jury members being late to court. We eventually start after a couple of hours delay.

Ratcliffe Trial Day 5 – Defence case opens


At 11.00am barrister, Mr Edward Rees QC opens the case for the defence.

Ratcliffe Day 5 - Hansens says govt lie on climate

Report from the afternoon session of day 5 of the Ratcliffe trial

Ratcliffe Trial Day 5 - Cheryl Cole gets props


Trial Day 5 - Cheryl Cole more effective than direct action.

End of Week Ratcliffe Trial Update


Update following the first week of the month long trial at Nottingham Crown Court.

Ratcliffe Trial: Prosecution Opens


After Monday's administrations and argument, the trial of 20 activists accused of "conspiracy to commit aggravated trespass" at Ratcliffe power station got underway properly on Tuesday, with the jury being introduced to the prosecution's main elements of the case.

On the newswire: BBC coverage of Ratcliffe Trial | First witness called for the Ratcliffe Trial | Day 2 – Prosecution’s Opening Statem…

Prosecution describes safety measures taken by 114


The prosecution continued its case this morning.

: Day 2 – Prosecution’s Opening Statement

Both the prosecution and the defence made their opening statements this morning – with the jury questioning the relevance of some of the points made.

The prosecution barrister asked the jury to hold four words in their heads: ‘trespass’, ‘conspiracy’, ‘disruption’ and ‘lawful activity’. She stated that the facts of the case showed there clearly was an agreement by the defendants to disrup…