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Protests as Nottingham City Council set budget


On Monday 5th March, city councillors in Nottingham met to vote through a budget which will cut £20m and 195 jobs while upping council tax by 3.49%. Campaigners protested outside the meeting at both lunchtime and in the early evening.

On the newswire: Campaigners condemn city council budget decision | Nottingham City Council Budget £20m Cuts Protest | Protest against Notttingham City Council…

Campaigners condemn city council budget decision


Campaigners condemn city council budget decision

Campaigners from Nottinghamshire Save Our Services (Notts SOS) have condemned the budget, voted through by councillors on Monday 5th March.

Protest against Notttingham City Council budget


On Monday 5th March, Nottingham City Council met to set its budget for 2012-13. Following the pattern set last year, the council has decided to moan about how nasty central government cuts are but pass them onto the people of Nottingham anyway. Angered by their spinelessness, Notts SOS and Nottingham City Unison held a protest in the Market Square from 12.30pm.

Notts SOS: city council budget protest


Campaigners to protest at city council budget meeting

On Monday March 5th, Nottinghamshire Save Our Services (Notts SOS) will protest outside the Council House when Nottingham City Council meets to vote on its budget for 2012-13.

Occupy Nottingham: Council serve notice


On Monday 27th February, Nottingham City Council served Occupy Nottingham with notice to leave within 7 days, after which they will serve notice of intention to seek possession through the courts. The occupiers state that they "have collectively decided so far, not to move from the Market Square, and through civil disobedience and lawful rebellion we will stay, and prevent intimidation tactic…

Protest Nottingham City Council Budget

March 05, 2012 12:30


Old Market Square, Nottingham

Notttingham Post: Campaigners' plea to council over ICC

Campaigners' plea to council over Nottingham's YMCA centre

CAMPAIGNERS are urging Nottingham City Council to rethink its decision to stop funding a community centre.

The International Community Centre in Mansfield Road has been run by the YMCA since 1998.

For the last three years, the centre, which costs £195,000 a year, has been supported through an annual £54,450 grant from the city counci…

Campaign launched against ICC cuts


Campaign launched against International Community Centre cuts

Nottinghamshire Save Our Services (Notts SOS) is calling on user groups at the International Community Centre (ICC) on Mansfield Road to rally round against proposed funding cuts.


Notts SOS stall

February 11, 2012 11:00


Market Square, Nottingham

Nottingham City Council plans more cuts


Nottingham City Council has announced its proposals for the 2012-13 budget, these include extensive cuts to jobs and services as well as a council tax hike. Notts SOS has begun a campaign against the planned cuts and urged supporters to attend council consultation events around the city in order to challenge councillors.

On the newswire: Notts SOS protest city council cuts budget | Nottingham C…

Notts SOS protest city council cuts budget

Anti-cuts campaigners protest Nottingham City Council cuts budget

Anti-cuts campaigners today (Saturday 21st January) launched a campaign calling on city councillors to vote against Nottingham City Council's proposed budget for 2012-13.

BBC News: Cuts and tax rises at Nottingham City Council

Nottingham City Council could raise council tax by 3.49% and cut 195 jobs in a bid to save £20m.

Most residents would see their council tax rise by about £36 next year under the budget proposals for 2012/13.

The Labour-run council, which faces a 7.36% cut in government funding, said the measures were needed to protect services for the most vulnerable.

The plans are being presented to the co…

NCC LOLs: Auditor Schmauditor

"The District Auditor for Nottingham City Council, Mrs Sue Sunderland, is not fit to be in her job. She has routinely failed to hold the council to account and in fact has repeatedly endorsed NCC's efforts to conceal massive corruption from the public." (NCC LOLs)

NCCLOLs: NCC's shameless cover-up

Well, we finally have the Audit Committee meeting agenda up on the Council's website and they are indeed discussing the Annual Audit Letter which gives brief details of the crooked goings on behind the Future Jobs Fund and which I wrote about before when they mistakenly added it to their website a bit early.

They are also discussing the full report on the matter by the District Auditor but what's …

NCC LOLs: Nottingham Labour astroturfing

NCC LOLs' Andy looks into the Nottingham Labour Party's "ConDem" 'astroturfing' campaign. Continuing the party's dabblings with the wrong side of the law (see also: postal ballots, council housing etc.) "this isn't only dishonest and underhand it also breaches election law."

Nottingham Post: No plans to evict occupation. Yet.

According to the Post (so it must be true) the council "says it has no plans to try to evict protesters camping in Old Market Square." But they "would prefer that the city centre was not used for encampments and feel that they cannot remain there indefinitely."

No Evictions campaign targets council leader


Nottingham City Council leader Jon Collins was targeted by anti-evictions campaigners who demonstrated outside his home on Hucknall Road yesterday. Collins was singled out as having made threats to evict the families of those found to be involved in the August riots. Campaigners have also leafleted affected families offering practical support. They call the moves to evict council tenants “spite…

Occupy Nottingham: Day 5

Five days into the occupation of Market Square and the protest camp is still going strong, but the city council has begun to make noises about moving the camp.

Post-riot repression hits Nottingham


In the aftermath of the riots that swept the UK earlier this month, local courts and authorities have been swift to crackdown. Notts Police have charged 75 people with offences relating to the disorder, including 18-year old Amed Pelle who was sent to prison for 2 years and 9 months for comments made on Facebook. Nottingham City Council have also jumped at the opportunity to look tough and Leade…

Stop Jon Collins' vindictive evictions

In the aftermath of the riots in Nottingham, Council Leader Jon Collins has sought to win some cheap political brownie points with reactionaries by seeking to evict the families of any rioters in council houses. This follows the first riot-related eviction notice given by Wandsworth Council in London on Friday. This double punishment for rioters as well as the collective punishment meted out to th…

NCC LOLs: Downfall: Jon Collins

NCC LOLs' 'Downfall' parody featuring leader of Nottingham City Council Jon Collins. Not strictly news, but a lot of fun.

Increasing social control in Nottingham


There is a growing tendency for Nottingham City Council, the police and other authorities to seek ownership of and the right to regulate and control public space in the city. The redevelopment of the Market Square has meant that the former centre of public life in the city has been taken into the ‘ownership’ of the City Council for fee-paying markets and attractions. Ever increasing concen…

Workplace Parking Levy to use ANPR


Andy at NCCLOLs has found out that the Workplace Parking Levy (WPL) will be enforced using a vehicle equipped with Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR). This will drive into the car parks of all workplaces in Nottingham City Centre recording the registrations of all the vehicles parked there, 8 times in every 28 days. This data will then be analysed to work out which vehicles are normally par…

NCCLOLs: The Continuing Story of the NCH Scandal

If you've been reading the Post over the last couple of days you'll have noticed that they are going with a 'drip drip' style run of articles about the housing allocations scandal.

Yesterday started with this article claiming that 'sports club members' were among those who benefited from a leg-up the housing queue. Having loftily stated that they weren't going to name the club concerned they …

Nottingham City election results


Last week's local elections saw the LibDems get a kicking. Nowhere was this more obvious than in Nottingham City where they were wiped out.

(Not) Wanted Jon Collins


Resistance to Nottingham City Cuts


On Monday March 7th, Nottingham City Council met to set its budget, slashing millions of pounds from vital services. Local anti-cuts campaigners rallied against this, holding protests on the previous Saturday and the day itself. They occupied the viewing galleries, holding up the meeting for an hour and later disrupted a BBC interview with council leader Jon Collins.

On the newswire: Nottm Cit…

Nottingham City budget protest: Photos


On Monday March 7th, Nottingham City Council met to set it budget for 2011-12, slashing millions of pounds from vital services. Campaigners protested outside, occupied the viewing gallery and challenged council leader Jon Collins.

Direct Action Against Nottingham City Cuts Budget

On Monday March 7th, Nottingham City Council met to set it budget for 2011-12, slashing millions of pounds from vital services. Campaigners protested outside, occupied the viewing gallery and challenged council leader Jon Collins.

Protest against city council cuts: March 5th


On Saturday March 5th, Notts SOS organised a protest in the Market Square. The demonstration was held 2 days before Nottingham City Council meets to set its budget for next, year, slashing millions of pounds of spending.