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Another controversial May Day in Nottingham


Notts Trade Union Council organised a march and rally in Nottingham to mark international workers’ day on Saturday 4th May. Trade unionists, anti-cuts activists, socialists and anarchists marched from the Forest Rec to Market Square where speeches were given. The tradition of dissent within the local labour movement continued where it left off last year, with both the prominence of Nottingh…

Mayday Events 2 Rally


11.00am Saturday 4th May 2013

"May the fourth be with you!"

Gathering on the Forest ground, people assembled for the annual parade and rally. 

Mayday Events 1 Parade


11.00am Saturday 4th May 2013

"May the fourth be with you!"

Gathering on the Forest ground, people assembled for the annual parade and rally. 

May Day: Solidarity with the Dhaka workers

May 02, 2013 11:00


Primark, 6-7 Long Row, Nottingham

How the grinch stole May Day


About a year ago, Nottingham's May Day events became the source of much controversy after Notts Trades Council decided to invite New Labour MP, Alan Meale. The decision to invite Meale, an MP whose role in Parliament seemed to have been to facilitate the war-mongering, authoritarian and anti-migrant policies of the Blair government, was strongly opposed before and during the event.

In the aftermat…

Autonomous Nottingham: Making a Meale of it

Autonomous Nottingham have decided not to release a collective statement about this year's Mayday, primarily because the individuals involved in the collective disagree with one another. We've discussed it at length amongst ourselves and whilst we agree that Alan Meale is a class enemy for the reasons we outlined in our joint statement with AFed, we have different opinions on the actions to stop h…

Notts Black Arrow: The Anarchist Federation and May Day in Nottingham

Below is our interpretation of what happened on May 5th this year and the political context in which it took place. By ‘our’ we mean that this is the agreed statement of the Nottingham group of the Anarchist Federation. We don’t claim to speak for all anarchists in Nottingham, although we stand together with them in much of our analysis below and took action alongside them, as well as non-ana…

Anti-Labour party protest at Nottingham May Day


Nottingham’s May Day events were the scene of controversy after protesters prevented Sir Alan Meale, the Labour MP for Mansfield, from speaking. Meale’s invitation to speak at the Notts Trades Union Council organised rally had already sparked condemnation in the run up to the day concerning his alleged support for “anti-working class” politics and his expenses claims. Protesters used whistles…

Nottingham May Day - one anarchist's perspective

This year Notts Trades Council decided to organise a march and rally for May Day. Amongst the expected representatives of trade unions and activist groups, their star speaker was to be Sir Alan Meale, Labour MP for Mansfield and loyal Blairite. This, unsurprisingly, caused a lot of controversy in the run up to the event. A march of a few hundred trade unionists, socialists and anarchists went from…

Troops on streets for Nottingham May Day


On Saturday 5th May, in a bizzare juxtaposition of trade unionism and militarism, the Trades Council-organised May Day parade and soldiers from 73 Engineer Regiment both marched through Nottingham city centre.

Mayday 2011 in the East Midlands


May 1st has been marked as a celebration on international working class movements for over a century. Nottingham held a march and rally, starting at Victoria Park in Sneinton on April 30th. Elsewhere in the East Midlands, Derby held its annual commemoration of the Silk Mill lockout on April 30th and Chesterfield held a Mayday march and rally on Monday May 2nd.

On the newswire: Chesterfield M…

Chesterfield Mayday 2011


On Monday May 2nd, Chesterfield held its annual Mayday demonstration.

Nottingham Mayday 2011


On Saturday April 30th, Nottingham celebrated International Worker's Day.