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: JB Spray squat, resistance is still strong

"As most 'activists' in the squatting community will confirm, the legal wrangling of bailiffs turning up and people being evicted from a site usually run along the same lines...The bailiffs turn up, with some lock smith looking (usually) blokes with tools and then get in any available entrance to get people out...Anarchist Zones are not so easy to get rid of though, as the following article o…

JB Spray: eviction imminent


The JB Spray squat in Radford were expecting eviction on the morning of Wednesday August 25th. Two County Court employees and two police turned up at around 10am along with around 20 supporters of the squatters. They were also accompanied by 2 employees of Portable Buildings Limited, the company which is employed to manage the building. After some initial inspection and drawing a map of entrances …