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: Activists cut nets to free dolphins Japan

Divers from The Black Fish, the new European conservation organisation Notts Indymedia reported on a fortnight ago, have, in the night before last, cut the nets of six holding pens in Taiji, Japan, that were holding dolphins caught during a dolphin drive hunt a few days earlier. During this hunt a number of dolphins were selected for the international dolphinarium trade and transferred to these ho…

J B Spray Squat, court date, Mon. 2nd Aug.resist!


J B Spray Squat, court date, Mon. 2nd Aug.resist!

The J B Spray squat, in Radford, Nottingham, is facing another court hearing tomorrow in front of Nottingham Magistrates, and so is calling for support, in terms of people joining the squats efforts to resist any attempts at eviction by the bailiffs or the state...PLEASE COME AND JOIN THE RESISTANCE!