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UK Indymedia: Shell HQ gets attacked

Just before midnight on Monday night some angry souls with paint descended upon the Shell offices at Duckmaster near Bolsover (not far from Chesterfield), They proceeded to paint the doors and windows in red and black, with a hint of green for good measure.

Stapleford Eco Farm


This coming weekend we are gathering on the land at Field Farm, Stapleford, Notts to discuss setting up a sustainable community here this spring. Acoustic music and food on the friday night, and a chance to check out the site and local area.

UK Indymedia: Stapleford Community Farm

This coming weekend we are gathering on the land at Field Farm, Stapleford, Notts to discuss setting up a community here this spring. Acoustic music and food on the friday night, and a chance to check out the site and local area.

ExLibris Charity Booksale - 5th year

September 10, 2011 12:00


16 Vernon Avenue, Carlton, NG4 3FX

MayDay 2011

April 30, 2011 11:00


Victoria Park, Bath Street, Sneinton, near Sneinton Market.

SAVE SHERWOOD FOREST - Gathering and Ramble

March 20, 2011 14:00


Sherwood Pines

NG21 9JL

(off B6030 between Clipstone & Ollerton)

New threat to Anti Opencast Mine Campaigners

In our new press release "Are we the next to be labelled 'A Barrier to Enterprise' "(PR 101) links the publication of our latest Briefing Note "Energy Policy and the proposed National Planning Policy Framework" (E2) to what the Prime Minister said in Cardiff yesterday to conclude that the outcome predicted in "Energy Policy and the proposed National Planning Policy Framework" that rules governing …

Fracking: Film and Discussion

March 07, 2011 19:30

Broadway Cinema, Broad Street, Nottingham

Greenpeace benefit gig

March 03, 2011 19:00


The maze, Mansfield Road, Nottingham.

Save Sherwood Forest: Sherwood Forest - saved for now!

Save Sherwood Forest - good news!

Organising Group Meeting 17 Feb

 News of the Government's U-turn was welcomed by the organising group.

However, we agreed that we need to keep a close eye on the situation until we get the full details of the new proposals.

We remain concerned about the prospect of the substantial job losses still loom for Forestry Commission staff and will join others to …

The Black fish fundraiser

February 26, 2011 18:00


245 Gladstone street, Nottingham, NG7 6HX

UK Indymedia & Guardian: Spying company, Vericola Ltd, uncovered


A spying firm with corporate clients including E.ON, Scottish Power and Scottish Coal has been identified after accidentally emailing the activists it was spying on. Kent-based Vericola Ltd has been targeting groups including the Camp for Climate Action and London Rising Tide with low-level infiltration. Other groups are encouraged to check their lists and share any experiences.


Rebecca T…

Mark Kennedy: A chronology of his activities

A detailed overview of Mark Kennedy's actions between 2002-2010, in different countries. It will no doubt generate more information, so please comment or email the address included.

Help Stop an Opencast Mine Application on Tuesday

Durham County Council are due to decide on UK Coal plc's Bradley Opencast Mine Application on Tuesday 15/2/11. Read how to join those who are planning to demonstrate against DCC approving the Application.

Corporate spy was active in Nottingham


The Mark Kennedy case has thrown the world of police and private spying on activists into the spotlight. One of the many revelations about Kennedy is that he can be linked to private spying company Global Open. Kennedy worked as a consultant for them and set up his own company, Tokra, using the address of Global Open director Heather Millgate.

Nottingham Indymedia can reveal that a second sp…

500m Buffer Zone Bill Vote on Friday

The 2nd reading of the 500m Buffer Zone Bill takes place this Friday. This press release gives information about reasons why this is an important Bill, provides information about a new MOPG Briefing Note (B6) that explains the Bill and provides info about how to get involved

Disposal of vital evidence in Mark Stone case?

What is going to happen to Mark Stone's mobile phone?

Sherwood Forest is our Forest

A brief report of the meeting held on January 27 2011 by Save Sherwood Forest

National Campaign for a 500m Buffer Zone?

How, in three to five easy steps you can help to turn the issue of introducing a 500m Buffer Zone around future Opencast Coal Sites in England  into a National Campaign and bring English law into line with policies already operating in Wales and Scotland

One Million Climate Jobs Now!

January 31, 2011 19:30

Friends Meeting House, St Helen’s Street, Derby DE1 3GY

Save Sherwood Forest

January 27, 2011 19:15



International Community Centre

61b Mansfield Road

Nottingham NG1 3FN

Close to a potential opencast coal site?

A by product of the work done to suggest that 553m metric tonnes of Carbon Dioxide from escaping into the atmosphere is the revelation that most of this coal lies so close to where people live. read more here.

Climate change and the 500m Buffer Zone Bill

This press release accompanies the publication of MOPG's 5th Briefing Note in support of the 500m Buffer Zone Bill and explains why those concerned about Climate Change should support the Bill.

Notts Police - you've been framed


The current case of Notts Police withholding evidence which may undermine their prosecution case is just the latest example of what could seem like deliberate policy.

E Post / Veggies: Guerilla gardening arrives in Nottingham

Guerilla gardening arrives in Nottingham

AN undercover gardening movement has arrived in Nottingham.

Armed with “ammunition” of seeds, the group Guerillas of Love aims to transform derelict public spaces into beautiful and productive gardens.

Known as guerilla gardening, the national movement started in New York in 1973 and has spread across the world, with the practice of secret cultiva…

Notts Chief Constable in rapid handwashing


Julia Hodson, Chief Constable of Notts Police, is demanding an investigation by the Independent Police Complaints Commission into the collapse of the trial of 6 people charged following the pre-emptive arrest of 114 environmental campaigners.

Wales and Scotland have it - We in England Do Not

MOPG's latest  Press Release emphasises a different aspect of the argument as to why Communities in England should benefit from a 500m Buffer Zone Law. It shows how many areas of England could be prone to opencast mining because local communities, unlike those in Scotland and Wales do not benefit from having a 500m Buffer Zone policy in operation.

Undercover police officer back in the spotlight


The Met Police are facing serious questions and the threat of an investigation into the role of one of their undercover officers. PC Mark Kennedy infiltrated activist groups between 2003-2009. On Monday, the second trial relating to planned action at Ratcliffe on Soar power station collapsed after the prosecution offered no evidence. This is believed to be an attempt to conceal the extent of …

Second Ratcliffe trial collapses

The second Ratcliffe conspiracy trial, due to start today, has collapsed after defence lawyers demanded information on undercover police officer Mark Kennedy.

Ratcliffe Crown Court Trial 'Collected Report' PDF