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Guardian: UN official: investigate undercover police scandal

UN official calls on British government to investigate undercover police scandal

Maina Kiai says he is 'deeply concerned' about use of officers such as Mark Kennedy to infiltrate non-violent groups

A senior United Nations official has called on the British government to launch a judge-led public inquiry into the "shocking" case of Mark Kennedy and other undercover police officers who ha…

Cooperative Revolution street exhib of photographs



Smithy Row [off Market Square], Nottingham. Between 12 January – 10 February, 

A giant open air street gallery of photographs has arrived in Nottingham as part of a national tour to illustrate the history, scope and impact of co-operation world-wide.


StopG8Notts meeting

January 09, 2013 19:00

The Malt Cross, Nottingham

2013 - A Year of Decision for the Coal Industry

This year the owners of the remaining 9 UK coal fired power stations which are not to close by 2016 or convert to Biomass will have to make far reaching decisions by the end of the year. They must decide whether to upgrade their stations to reduce pollution, convert to biomass or close by 2023 or when they have used up a 20,000 hour allowance.Meanwhile the UK Coal indusrty, ever more reliant on op…

'Tis the season! Veggies do London


This weekend just passed, Nottingham's all-vegan catering campaign Veggies packed its bags and headed down to London to cater at two exciting events that promote a compassionate and just society.

LAON's November Review ofUK Opencast Mine Sites

LAON's 7th Review has information that a decision about the George Farm site is to be made on Monday 3/12. In addition public consultation has started at two new sites, a 10m tonne site Cauldhall in Scotland and a 1.18m tonne site at Deanfield in Yorkshire. In addition the revew has information about an existing site, Blair House in Scotland which has just been left 'mothballed' as Scottish Coal f…

Objection to the George Farm Opencast Proposal

The Loose Anti Opencast Network has submitted an objection to LEM Resources plan to surface mione 400,000 tonnes of coal from the George Farm site at Denby in Derbyshire. This press release summarises the content of the objectio

Shortwwod Farm Opencast: Do We Need the Coal

A press release from the Loose Anti Opencast Network outlines the content of an objection to the proposed Shortwood Farm opencast mine. 


evicition of laZad

Nttm Post: Homes threat on green-belt land in Rushcliffe

Homes threat on green-belt land in RushcliffeFriday, November 09, 2012

Nottingham Post


By Emily Winsor

UP TO 9,600 homes could be built in the borough of Rushcliffe before 2026 – with half of them on green-belt land.

The plans are revealed in the latest draft local plan drawn up by Rushcliffe Borough Council, which has to find room for new homes to meet government targets.

The pla…

Earth First: Campaigners end 7 day occupation of power station

Campaigners from No Dash for Gas abseil 90m down power station chimney to end 7 day occupation

This morning the last two campaigners from No Dash for Gas abseiled down the side of one of the chimneys they have been occupying at EDF’s West Burton power station for the past 7 days to end the most audacious and high profile direct action in recent years. Four campaigners had left yesterday, all ha…

Film Screening: END:CIV - Resist or Die

November 11, 2012 17:00


The Sumac Centre, 245 Gladstone Street, NG7 6HX

Climate protesters occupy power station


Early on Monday 29th October, sixteen people scaled the chimneys of West Burton gas-fired power station in Nottinghamshire, shutting it down and halting further construction. West Burton is one of the first of up to 20 new gas-fired power stations the Government has planned.

On the newswire: Gas power station occupied by No Dash for Gas | Police warn power station protesters | fifteen people scal…

6th Review of Potential UK Opencast Sites Oct 2012

This the 6th Review covers developmnts in the stages reached for current and potential opencast site planning applications for the 14 known English sites the 2 known Scottish sites and the 5 known Welsh sites. In addition it provides a link to a study commissioned by the last government on what would be the effect of implementing a 'buffer zone' of various widths around potential opencast sites on…

UK Indymdia: Gas power station occupied by No Dash for Gas

West Burton gas power station in Nottinghamshire has been occupied and shut down by 16 No Dash for Gas activists who intend to stay on top of two of the chimneys for as long as their supplies allow.

Early on Monday morning a group of 30 people shut down West Burton gas-fired power station. 16 of them have remained in the power station occupying two of its chimneys to prevent it from being turned …

Nttm Police: Police warn power station protesters - you will be

They Say:

Nottinghamshire Police have today warned a group of protesters who have entered the West Burton Power Station that they face arrest.

It is believed more than 20 people made their way into the power station in the early hours of the morning, and around a dozen have climbed two chimneys at the site.

Five of the protesters – all women from either Manchester or Leeds – were arrested as …

No Dash for Gas: fifteen people scaled the chimneys of West Burton

Early on Monday 29th October, fifteen people scaled the chimneys of West Burton gas-fired power station, shutting it down and halting further construction. West Burton is one of the first of up to 20 new gas-fired power stations the Government has planned.

The new ‘dash for gas’ will leave us dependent on a highly polluting and increasingly expensive fossil fuel for decades to come. It would make…

IDAAMD Leicester


During the Saturday peak shopping time between 12:30 and 15:30, activists from Leicester Animal Rights offered an alternative to McBurgerCulture to shoppers in the form of vegan sweet and savoury snacks sourced from local independent health food shop "Current Affairs" all served with a side order of information leaflets. The stall was pitched directly outside the busy Highcross/clock tower branch …

'What it Means to be Palestinian' by Dina Matar

October 25, 2012 18:00


A42 Clive Granger Building, University Park, University of Nottingham

Evidence to Parliamentary Committee Accepted

A submission to a House of Commons Select Committee arguing for a toughening up of rules governing the siting of future opencast mines has been accepted as written evidence. The submission was made by the Loose Anti Opencast  Network  to the Communities and Local Government's Housing, Planning and Growth InquiryA press release below summarises some of the main points as well as providing a link to…

Protest at the Government +1st Anniversary

October 20, 2012 12:00


Nottingham Old Market Square

Anti-McDonalds protests mark day of action


The International Day of Action Against McDonalds (16th Oct) was marked by protests against the multinational fast food corporation by protests in Derby and Nottingham. During Saturday lunchtime activists in Derby picketed a city centre branch in protest at its unethical business practices. This was followed by a “mammoth” leaflet distribution on Monday in Nottingham city centre. Activists di…

IDAAMD Nottingham


Today activists from Nottingham Animal Rights undertook a mammoth leaflet distribution exercise outside the McDonald's outlet on what is known to be one of the busiest high streets in the UK.



During the Saturday lunch time rush hours from 12:00 to 14:00, a group of activists spearheaded by Derby Animal Rights demo-ed the busy St. Peters street branch of McDonald's, in protest at the unethical business practices of the fast food giant.

Seeds of Freedom

October 14, 2012 15:00


The Sumac Centre, 245 Gladstone St., Forest Fields, Nottingham, NG7 6HX

Is so much opencast coal now needed?

Coal operators have 4.75m tonnes of surface mineable coal in their sights in Engl;and, often lying within 500m of where people live. Planning rules for them to get this coal have been relaxed. At the same time, many Power Generating companies are or plan to convert power stations to run on biomass. If this does not make sense to you then read our press release to find out more information

5th Review of Opencast Sites: Oct 2012

This 5th review of news stories about prospective opencast site applications on 14 possible sites in england and 4 sites in Wales. It especially has news about recent developments at Halton Lea Gate and the Hilltop Project

Veggies in the woods


This weekend just passed, Nottingham based vegan catering campaign 'Veggies' was at Elvaston Country Park as part of a two day Woodland Festival event. Their ethical and delicious food, alongside a vibrant display of campaigning literature, ensured that there was a buzz around the stall throughout the weekend, with many members of the public choosing them in favour of other meat options at th…

ExLibris Charity Book Sale the best yet


ExLibris's 6th Charity Booksale in Gedling sold more books and raised more money than ever before.

BBC Investigates New Threat to the Counrtyside

The 8th LAON Press release explains why the BBC's Counrtyfile Programme is investigation a Planning Decision which has national implications if it is not altered. The press release gives details of the campains that have been launched to both overturn the decision by means of a judicial review and how to sign a petition to prevent similar applications from succeeding. This decision, if upheld, mea…