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East Mids Anti-fascists: October report


It's been a month dominated by a battle between Boston bigots: Dean Everitt's anti-immigration demo vs. Elliott Fountain's hard right police commissioner bid. It's not been good for the EDL who've been hacked, stabbed in the back and caught out inciting riots and running community organisations into the ground. And meanwhile the BNP have been praising Jimmy Savile.

Introducing Elliott Fountain: candidate for PCC


Elliott Fountain, the English Democrats candidate for Lincolnshire Police & Crime Commissioner, is one of only two far right candidates standing in the East Midlands*. His political hero is Enoch Powell and he has expressed a strong dislike of East European migrants. Fountain has described his approach to crime as “zero tolerance“, which involves “throwing tenants out of houses faster”, expan…

East Mids Anti-fascists: September report


It's been a month of freefall for the EDL who had two disastrous demos in Walthamstow and Walsall, 3rd in command Tony Curtis of Nottingham, leave in disgust, and their favourite coach company targeted by anti-fascists. Meanwhile a few boneheads from the NF turned up to take back a small park in Skegness from the muslamic animal abusers and generally be ignored by everyone. "East Euro" hater, Elli…

East Mids Anti-Fascists: August report


It's been a month marked by a huge amount of infighting in the far right with BNP vs English Democrats, EDL vs Casuals United and "Zionists" vs Nazis. The far right scented blood after locals protested the decision to lease a building to a Muslim group in Thurnby Lodge, Leicester and even Nick Griffin was seen waddling about trying to get some action. More EDL supporters got banged up for being ra…

July anti-fascist roundup

July saw an anti-immigration march called off in Boston, the EDL rushing to "defend" Derby Pride from the "Islamics", the BNP and English Democrats standing in elections in Corby and Kettering, the conviction of a Leicester EDL member for assault, and a deafening silence from the far right on the subject of white paedophiles in Derby.

East Midlands Anti-fascists: Local elections round up

With a little under 2 weeks to go until polling day, 3rd May, East Midlands Anti-fascists bring you a round up of local fascist attempts to jockey for power.

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Having finally concluded the messy power struggle within Amber Valley (Lewis Allsebrook jumped ship before he was pushed), the blackshirts of Derbyshire BNP have put up 8 candidates in Derby and