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1 Mayday March & Event



Saturday 5th May 2012

This year, the annual Mayday events/march began at the Forest Ground. After forming up, people marched down the Manfield Road, through the City Centre to have a rally and hear speeches at the Congregational Hall in Castle Gate, Nottingham


Anti-Labour party protest at Nottingham May Day


Nottingham’s May Day events were the scene of controversy after protesters prevented Sir Alan Meale, the Labour MP for Mansfield, from speaking. Meale’s invitation to speak at the Notts Trades Union Council organised rally had already sparked condemnation in the run up to the day concerning his alleged support for “anti-working class” politics and his expenses claims. Protesters used whistles…

Nottingham May Day - one anarchist's perspective

This year Notts Trades Council decided to organise a march and rally for May Day. Amongst the expected representatives of trade unions and activist groups, their star speaker was to be Sir Alan Meale, Labour MP for Mansfield and loyal Blairite. This, unsurprisingly, caused a lot of controversy in the run up to the event. A march of a few hundred trade unionists, socialists and anarchists went from…

May Day March & Rally (slight changes)

May 05, 2012 10:00


Just to announce a minor change to Notts TUCs May Day festival this year.  The rally will now take place at the Congregational Hall, Castle Gate, Nottingham from about 11.15 am.

Other details remain unchanged - the march will still assemble at the Forest Recreation Ground (Goose Fair site) from 10.00 am.  There is still a great and varied selection of speakers including (hopefully) a repres…

Parents Against A 5 Term Year Public Meeting

May 03, 2012 18:30


New Mechanics, North Sherwood Street, Nottingham, NG1 4EZ 

Notts Uncut Great British Street Party

May 26, 2012 12:00


Nottingham City Centre - exact location and time to be confirmed

Occupy Nottingham General Assembly

April 27, 2012 18:00

Meet at the Left Lion

Occupy Nottingham: the end of the beginning?


On Sunday 22nd April, Occupy Nottingham packed up its camp in the Market Square after 190 days. This brings to an end a six month occupation in which they have faced down threats from the far-right, extreme weather, the council and random drunken hordes on the weekends. Despite their decision to leave, the campers are keen to "make it quite clear that although we are leaving the Market Place, we a…

Notts Uncut planning Meeting

May 03, 2012 19:00

The Stage, 7a Wollaton St, Nottingham, NG1 5FW

MAY DAY MAY DAY - Organising Against Austerity

May 01, 2012 19:00



Tuesday 1st May 2012

7.00 pm until 9.00 pm

Occupy Notingham Withdrawal Announcement 21.04.12

As of 9:00 pm Sunday 21 April Occupy Nottingham will end their occupation of Nottingham's Market Place after 190 days.

BBC Nottingham: Occupy Nottingham marks camp six-month anniversary

The six-month anniversary of the Occupy Nottingham camp has been marked.

The site was one of several set up in the UK late last year to voice opposition to what the protesters see as unfairness in the financial system.

It is the focus of a legal battle by Nottingham City Council to move the tents out of the Old Market Square.

Earlier this month a judge ruled there were sufficient human rights…

Alan Meale should not speak on May Day

May Day is an international day of celebration and commemoration of working class struggle. This year, a Nottingham May Day march and rally is being organised by Notts Trades Council. The organisation has invited Sir Alan Meale, MP for Mansfield since 1987, to speak at the rally.

Occupy Anniversary Saturday 14th April

April 14, 2012 12:00

The Old Market Square

Occupy Nottingham Call Out

Occupy is essentially a think tank for the generation of ideas through public discourse and debate, to enable social, economical and environmental change, it is also an umbrella type group for all causes, groups and people, linking and bringing them together in common cause. All opinions and policies of Occupy are made by group consensus. The first true Peoples Democracy of Nottingham has begun at…

Possession Hearing in Court for Nottingham Occupy


Thursday 5 April 2012

On Thursday 5 April, after a couple of earlier dates with the law, campers from Occupy Nottingham appeared at Nottingham County Court, [sitting in the Magistrates Court] Carrington Street.

Campers and supporters protested and displayed banners outside of the court, before and after the hearing. There was some media interest.

Occupy Nottingham Press Release 06/04/12

Following the hearing on 5th April Occupy Nottingham are very pleased with the result achieved so far with a three week adjournment before a three day trial begins on 30th April.

This means they will be celebrating their six month anniversary on the Market Square on 15th April.

Judge Inglis ruled that all of the Councils allegations attempting to link incidents external to the camp being a…

The Scoundrel #3


It must be Spring cleaning time at The Scoundrel HQ because I’ve decided to say “Fuck it” to the usual format and have a good old rant instead. The April edition is an attempt to start critical analysis of anarchist efforts and suggest possible avenues for the future. Why do our efforts never come even close to disturbing business as usual? Why do anarchists persist in the same old fail…

The Scoundrel #3


Open Day

April 21, 2012 14:00

The Collection

Danes Terrace



Nott'm Quakers Announce support for Occupy Notts

Quakers in Nottingham have made a public declaration of support for the protestors.

Teachers strike against Nottm CC plan for a 5 term


Thursday 29 March 2012

At around miday and later at 4pm, teachers  and supporters gathered in the Market Square to protest at Nottingham City Council plan for a 5 term Year.

The NUT says, the first of what may be a series of strikes attracted strong support from members. Almost all the schools involved in the strike were completely or partially closed.


Protest at Ken Clarke's AGM


Public Sector workers protest at Ken Clarke's constituency AGM.

Ken Clarke MP hosted his AGM at the Ruddington Grange Golf Club on the evening of Friday 22 March.  A group of local public sector workers, all members of the Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS) staged a protest demonstration at the Golf Club and presented Mr Clarke with an open letter complaining about the current governm…

Occupy Nottingham Fundraiser

March 24, 2012 02:00


The Sumac Centre, 245 Gladstone Street, Forest Fields. NG7 6HX.

Autonomous Nottingham: Demolishing Lenton Flats

A couple of us went to one of the meetings regarding the demolition of Lenton Flats yesterday. It was the third of three meetings held during the day by NCH and the two local councillors Susan Piper and David Trimble.  The earlier meeting had been targeted at Lenton, Digby and Abbey court residents whilst the one we attended was for Wiloughby and Newgate residents. We met up with the resident…

Public Interest Lawyers (PIL): Lawyers instructed by OccupyNotts tofight eviction

Public Interest Lawyers (PIL) have been instructed by Occupy Nottingham as the group fight eviction by Nottingham City Council.


The group have been resident in Market Square, at the very heart of Nottingham, from 15 October 2011. Following months of peaceful occupation the Council issued a possession claim at Nottingham County Court on 7 March 2012.


The case was to be heard on Friday 1…

Hold the Front Page: Union set to take student journalist’s case toIPCC


A dispute between police and the National Union of Journalists over officers confiscating a video filmed by a student journalist could be taken to the Independent Police Complaints Commission.

Lewis Stainer was filming in November when he caught footage of an arrest on camera during the Occupy Nottingham protest.

He claimed the police used excessive force and should not have taken his video …

Occupy Nottingham Press Release

Court hearing now adjourned until 5th April

Two of the Notts Uncut Prosecutions Discontinued

Two of the Notts Uncut Prosecutions Discontinued

Anna Soubry MP Avoids Demonstration Against NHS


On Saturday March 10th, constituents of Anna Soubry's Broxtowe constituency displayed postcards signed by over 500 people asking her to reconsider plans to privatise the NHS.

They gathered outside Beeston Library where Anna Soubry was meant to be holding a surgery. Unfortunately when Ms Soubry heard of this she changed the location of her surgery.