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Boycott Workfare: Nottingham Pizza Factory - From work to workfare

Yet more evidence has emerged that workfare is replacing paid jobs. This week the 2 sisters food group announced the creation of 100 new jobs at their Nottingham Pizza Factory thanks to the ‘introduction of new business‘. This might seem like good news until you discover that the jobs aren’t really jobs and the new business isn’t really new business.


The jobs are actually ‘pre-employm…

Printable poster for SeaSol event


Council Tax Benefit Changes - Update


Big changes to Council Tax Benefits are on their way.

Nottingham MP's vehicle sabotaged

In May the Labour MPs wife, Labour councillor Jo White, was sent a dead bird through the post. In August, MP John Mann for Bassetlaw in North Notts nearly crashed his car after anonymous sabotage of his car. A car wheel nearly fell off after it was loosened and the hub cap was screwed back on to hide the sabotage.

The number of people pissed off enough by the politicians to make an attempt on…

Notts Stop G8

October 05, 2012 19:00

The Nottingham Mechanics

3 North Sherwood Street, Nottingham NG1 4EZ

Workfare Walk of Shame

September 29, 2012 13:00

Meet by the Lions, before heading around town as we visit the companies which are happily benefiting from the Workfare programme.

Ministry of Justice: Commencement: Offence of squatting in residential

Commencement of offence of squatting in a residential building

This circular includes guidance for criminal justice agencies on the new offence of squatting in a residential building and sets out the Government's plans for commencement.

pdf download at :



Circular No. 2012/04 



38Degrees: ATOS campaign Petition

thanks so much for supporting the Atos campaign.

The petition is growing fast, but we need more people to sign it. Could you help by asking your friends to sign up now? You can forward the email below.

Have a look at this:


Tens of thousands of people around the country are being thrown into hardship and despair by Atos, a private company tha…

Libcom: Unison officials spy on their own activists

As it is announced that the majority of Unison members have voted in line with the union's recommendation to accept the new pensions deal, libcom.org has obtained a leaked e-mail from a senior Unison official instructing organisers to spy on branches and individual activists who campaigned for a no vote.


From the comments:

there's only one regional unison sec by that name i can think of…

SQUASH: Squatting law to commence 1st September

Squatting law to commence 1st September

We have just received verification that the new law, criminalising squatting in residential properties will come into effect on September 1st 2012.

You can see the commencement order on the government’s website here

From the ASS website:

Not everyone who is squatting, or considered by others to be squatting, will be affected by the new law, but peop…

Notts Uncut Action

August 18, 2012 12:00

Outside Boots, Lower Parliament Street

NCCLOLs: Replacing Council Tax Benefit

As you've probably heard, Council Tax benefit is to be abolished from next year and councils are being charged with devising their own local schemes to replace it. Big issues include the fact that central government will be cutting support for the new schemes by 10% of what they are paying now and that, for rather obvious political purposes, councils are being told that pensioners' entitlemen…

Independent : Unpaid job schemes not a breach of human rights sa


Government back-to-work schemes criticised as “forced labour” were ruled lawful by the High Court today.

A judge rejected jobless graduate Cait Reilly's claim that a scheme requiring her to work for free at a Poundland discount store breached human rights laws banning slavery.

Mr Justice Foskett, sitting at the High Court in London, said that "characterising such a scheme as involving or…

NotoG4SNottm Public Meeting

August 08, 2012 19:00

Sumac Centre, 245 Gladstone Street, Forest Fields, Nottingham NG7 6HX

Citizens for Sanctuary- unholy alliance with G4S


“I don’t want a prison guard as my landlord” – Zimbabwean asylum seeker in Sheffield

G4S (Group 4 Security) is the world’s largest private security army and the biggest private UK company with contracts worth £600m for security, managing detention centres, prisons and 675 court and police station cells. It is providing 10,000 guards for the Olympics costing us another £100 mi…

Nottingham City Council wants you...


...to let them know how best to demolish Council Tax Benefit.

UK People's Health Assembly

July 10, 2012 09:00

Nottingham Conference Centre

Burton Street Nottingham


Notts UnCut Street Party



12.00 Noon Saturday 26 May 2012. Listergate, Nottingham

It was a very hot and sunny day.  People gathered under the shade of the trees opposite Topshop in Listergate, Nottingham

Leaflets handed out, speeches were made, childrens faces got painted, ballons blown up, [but kept exploding]. Cakes and samosas got eaten. Party games were played including musical statues and pass the parcel. A pol…

Smash Patriarchy Fundraiser

June 02, 2012 19:00


245 Gladstone Street, Forest Fields, Nottingham.

Notts Uncut Great British Street Party

May 26, 2012 12:00


Near Topshop, Listergate, Nottingham

Robb Johnson Plays Grantham

June 24, 2012 13:00

Great Gonerby Social Club

8 High Street

Great Gonerby

NG31 8JP

Notts Uncut Great British Street Party


East Midlands Trains ASLEF Strike



Tuesday 15 May 2012

ASLEF members were picketing outside Nottingham Train Station this morning.

This is the 5th one day strike in support of the ASLEF [Associated Society of Locomotive Steam Enginemen and Firemen] action against East Midlands Trains, a Stagecoach company.


Public Services Unions Strike and Rally


Thursday 10 May 2012

Public Service workers in health, education and the civil service were striking on Thursday 10 May in their next stage of the pensions dispute. 

Notts Black Arrow: The Anarchist Federation and May Day in Nottingham

Below is our interpretation of what happened on May 5th this year and the political context in which it took place. By ‘our’ we mean that this is the agreed statement of the Nottingham group of the Anarchist Federation. We don’t claim to speak for all anarchists in Nottingham, although we stand together with them in much of our analysis below and took action alongside them, as well as non-ana…

Autonomous Nottingham: May issue of the Forest Fields Fire

May issue of the Forest Fields Fire is out. Reaching 2,000 homes in the forest fields area.

YouTube: Manchester Mayday

Anarchist Federation intervention at Manchester May Day 2012. Before you ask, this was not coordinated with Nottingham intervention! However, the anti-Labour Party stance in the video Response (underneath the one linked to below) is consistent with the viewpoint we expressed following the Nottingham anti-cuts meeting in Sept 2010 that led to the formation of Notts Save Our Services: http://nottsbl…

4 Mayday Workfare Protests



Saturday 5th May 2012

This year, the annual Mayday events/march began at the Forest Ground. After forming up, people marched down the Manfield Road, through the City Centre to have a rally and hear speeches at the Congregational Hall in Castle Gate, Nottingham


3 Mayday Events, Anti-Labour Protest



Saturday 5th May 2012

This year, the annual Mayday events/march began at the Forest Ground. After forming up, people marched down the Manfield Road, through the City Centre to have a rally and hear speeches at the Congregational Hall in Castle Gate, Nottingham


2 Mayday Speeches & Event



Saturday 5th May 2012

This year, the annual Mayday events/march began at the Forest Ground. After forming up, people marched down the Manfield Road, through the City Centre to have a rally and hear speeches at the Congregational Hall in Castle Gate, Nottingham.