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BNP scraping the barrel for Euros


East Midlands BNP have announced their candidates for the 2014 Euro elections. The list is as interesting for who’s not on it as who is:

1. Cllr. Cathy Duffy.

2. Revd. Robert West.

3. Bob Brindley.

4. Steve Brammer.

5. To be decided.

BNP suffers heavy losses across East Mids


According to East Midlands Anti-fascists, the fascist British National Party has suffered heavy losses at the polls in Thursday’s County Council elections. The party saw its share of the vote drop significantly in all 5 East Midlands counties since the last elections in 2009. Former BNP councillor, Graham Partner, who defended his Coalville seat as a candidate for the newly formed BNP splinter…

Election nightmare for the BNP

The BNP’s election campaign turned out to be a disaster yesterday as their share of the vote was seriously cut down across the East Midlands and the country as a whole. Newcomers, the British Democrats, failed to make any impact and the English Democrats did very badly as well. UKIP’s populist right wing politics seems to have eclipsed the far right, perhaps for good.

East Midlands Anti-fascists: Derbyshire fascist candidates

Derbyshire BNP have only mustered 4 candidates for the County Council elections next month. The same tired old faces are:

  • Greater Heanor – Cliff Roper
  • Heanor Central – Adrian Barry Hickman
  • Ripley East & Codnor – Alan Edwards
  • Ripley West & Heage – Ken Cooper

In 2009 they fielded 17 candidates and the NF fielded one. It’s another poor showing for the fascists.

Now that they are a…

East Midlands Anti-fascists: More East Midlands far right candidates

The nominations are in for Lincolnshire, Northamptonshire and Nottinghamshire County Council elections. In all three counties there are fewer BNP candidates than in 2009 suggesting the party’s support has collapsed across the region.

East Midlands Anti-fascists: Fascist candidates for Leicestershire elections

Leicestershire is the only East Midlands county to have announced the candidates for next month’s County Council elections so far. There are 9 fascists who fancy their luck – the BNP have 7 candidates and new-fash-on-the-block the British Democrats have 2. All of the BNP’s candidates are standing in the Charnwood division, covering the area north of Leicester, meaning that they are not even c…

No progress for BNP in Skegness

In spite of their hype, the BNP are failing to make progress on the issue of the Skegness halal slaughterhouse. Their last demo was disappointing, turning out only 30 supporters, some of whom were so disappointed with the local organisation that they handed in their membership cards afterwards. Local activists blamed the time of year and lack of advertising for the poor turnout.

The Skegness Standard supports fascism

The BNP has recently announced that its Lincolnshire Coastal Branch, organised by Grimsby’s Robert Ashton, will be holding another day of action in Skegness next weekend. The BNP will be meeting from 11.30am on Sat 16th March, with the intention of marching to the Heath Road halal abattoir. Last time they met at The Victoria, 23 Wainfleet Road. We don’t imagine they will have moved far but yo…

Nottingham BNP in deep cover


We’re very pleased that Nottingham BNP have started publishing reports on their branch meetings on their shoddy and garish site. These are a lot more entertaining than the mix of Nick Griffin’s begging letters and reposts of any crime story from the Nottingham Post involving black people, which was all that used to go up. The most recent report has a real gem – Nottingham BNP’s ‘underground’ …

Skegness demo attracts 30 fascists


Despite not managing to attract as many people as the even more lunatic National Front did in September, the BNP are hailing their halal demo in Skegness as a success. Their photo depicts just under 30 fascists outside a warehouse in the middle of nowhere.

BNP demo re-direction point revealed

The BNP will be meeting at The Victoria on Wainfleet Road for their Day of Action against Skegness' Muslims from 11.30-12.00 this Saturday. According to our source, the landlord knows about the event and is supportive. The pub is not far from the halal slaughterhouse on Heath Road.

BNP to hold Day of Action in Skegness


Lincolnshire Coastal branch of the BNP have announced that they will be holding a "Day of Action" against the Skegness halal abattoir this weekend. They are meeting at 11.30am on Saturday 12th and advise interested parties to call 0771 4009285 to receive re direction point details.

2012: Lessons for anti-fascists


Taking the piss out of the fascists is as easy as shooting fish in a barrel and because they are so good at making of mess of what they do it often seems that there isn’t much for anti-fascists to do. However, thanks to the support of the popular media and political discourse for increasingly authoritarian and reactionary politics on immigration, the “undeserving” poor and ethnic and cultural…

2012: Not the year of the infidel!


We’ve had an interesting first year here monitoring fascists across the East Midlands. In many ways it’s been a dreadful year for the far right with the EDL and BNP in dire straits and none of the smaller groups looking capable of “uniting the right” either. There have been many enjoyable fascist misadventures, failures and outright catastrophes making 2012 a year they’ll want to forget. The …

UKIP dominate Boston protest


Yesterday’s demonstration against immigration in Boston seemed to have been a moderate success for the right. In the end, the protest drew 150-300 people according to the Boston Standard. The event seems to have been dominated by local UKIP politician, Chris Pain, whose party’s flag was prominently positioned behind the speakers. Indeed, most of the placards displayed an anti-EU sentiment r…

Boston protest is a far right event


This Sunday will see an anti-immigration march take place in Boston, Lincolnshire. In the past, organiser Dean Everitt has made a big fuss about avoiding being “hijacked” by the far right but we can reveal that Sunday’s static demonstration at the Herbert Ingram memorial is a solidly far right event.

East Mids Anti-fascists: October report


It's been a month dominated by a battle between Boston bigots: Dean Everitt's anti-immigration demo vs. Elliott Fountain's hard right police commissioner bid. It's not been good for the EDL who've been hacked, stabbed in the back and caught out inciting riots and running community organisations into the ground. And meanwhile the BNP have been praising Jimmy Savile.

East Mids Anti-Fascists: August report


It's been a month marked by a huge amount of infighting in the far right with BNP vs English Democrats, EDL vs Casuals United and "Zionists" vs Nazis. The far right scented blood after locals protested the decision to lease a building to a Muslim group in Thurnby Lodge, Leicester and even Nick Griffin was seen waddling about trying to get some action. More EDL supporters got banged up for being ra…

Far right stoke community resentments in Leicester


Over the past few weeks, tensions have been building on the Thurnby Lodge estate in Leicester, over plans to convert a disused scout hut into a Muslim community centre. Residents unhappy with the local government decision to lease to the As Salaam charity have staged nightly protests against the group's meetings drawing as many as 250 people. When community tension is high, the parasites of the fa…

July anti-fascist roundup

July saw an anti-immigration march called off in Boston, the EDL rushing to "defend" Derby Pride from the "Islamics", the BNP and English Democrats standing in elections in Corby and Kettering, the conviction of a Leicester EDL member for assault, and a deafening silence from the far right on the subject of white paedophiles in Derby.

Bye bye BNP?

Fascists had a bad night in local elections across the country. The BNP has, at the time of writing, lost all of the seats it was defending and failed to win any new seats. None of the smaller fascist groupuscles has fared any better.

Prominent far right presence on St George's Day

The City Council promoted St George's Day march attracted hundreds of people to the streets of Nottingham today. For most, the parade was nothing more than a chance to get their England shirt on and have a beer in the sun. However, the local EDL were very prominent, near the front of the rally and marching under the largest banner on the march. Some of the local BNP branch also marched.

Labour party anti-mayor campaign stoops to new low

Jon Collins' struggle to hang onto power has been getting increasingly hysterical of late. Collins, the current Leader of Nottingham City Council, is threatened by the thought of losing his power to a directly elected Mayor and is throwing all kinds of dodgy arguments around in the hope of scaring people into voting against switching to mayoral control. A leaflet found in the street outside a mosq…

East Midlands Anti-fascists: Local elections round up

With a little under 2 weeks to go until polling day, 3rd May, East Midlands Anti-fascists bring you a round up of local fascist attempts to jockey for power.

[Go to the original article for pics]


Having finally concluded the messy power struggle within Amber Valley (Lewis Allsebrook jumped ship before he was pushed), the blackshirts of Derbyshire BNP have put up 8 candidates in Derby and

Fascists talk nonce sense

In response to continued exposes of cover-ups of paedophilia within fascist and far right groups, the British Nationalist Man Child Love Association has released this message:

BNP man handing out leaflets in the city centre


I was doing my shopping in the city centre when one of my mates called me saying there was a man giving out BNP leaflets outside the Royal Centre. Because I wasn't far away I went down to have a look. I couldn't believe it - a guy, on his own, handing out leaflets for a fascist party in the middle of Nottingham and no one batting an eyelid!

East Midlands Anti-fascists: Allsebrook jumps Amber Valley BNP's sinking ship

Amber Valley BNP is the slapstick comedy that keeps on giving. The latest news is that chirpy chipmunk and Heanor councillor Lewis Allsebrook has thrown his toys out of the pram and left the party. He’s taken the rather rubbish Amber Valley Matters website with him and seems hell bent on destroying the rats that are left on the BNP’s sinking ship. Allsebrook’s rambling resignation message let…

Lancaster Unity: Another BNP member outed as nonce

Gavin Leist, aged 20 from Ratcliffe Road, Loughborough,has been found guilty of possessing and distributing child pornography of children under 13.

Leist stood for the BNP at Leicestershire County Council elections in 2009 for Loughborough North West, which covers Thorpe Acre and Garendon Park. He gained 281 votes, but was knocked out by Labour, finishing last.

Seriously, what is the connec…

Dismal BNP result in Notts

The fascist BNP fielded only two candidates in Nottinghamshire for yesterday's local elections. Simon 'Bob' Brindley and Bob Coyne stood in Bilborough in Nottingham and only achieved a measly 3.5% of the vote. The party failed to get it together to field any candidates in former strongholds such as Ashfield and Broxtowe.

BNP Councillor in Racism Probe

The BNP's Elections Officer for the East Midlands, Wayne McDermott, is being investigated by the police after posting racist material on his website. Allegedly, racist insults and the promotion of torture were posted although they have now been removed.